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sore throat for 5 days...very annoying!

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have had it off and on since wednesday. yesterday i started to cough. (doesn't feel chesty, more because of tickly throat)
my tonsils look bumpy and have a bit of white on them (though I looked at images of tonsillitis and it doesn't look like that)
and have been feeling a bit fevery.
anyone else have this? it's starting to drive me batty!

foxinsocks Sun 05-Aug-07 16:22:31

yes, I had it for about a week. Also, my ear hurt (well it felt like it hurt between my throat and my ear iyswim)

It culminated in me losing my voice - I reckon I lost my voice on Thursday (felt lousy on Tuesday and Wednesday, feel better now) and only today is it starting to come back properly (but I still sound properly husky and deep!).

take some nurofen if you can - if your throat gets really sore get some Ultra Chloraseptic spray from the chemist - I also got these Boots cherry lozenges (anaesthetic and antiseptic) that I've munched on for a few days!

littleboo Sun 05-Aug-07 16:38:56

paracetamol/ nurofen
difflam mouth rinse and tyrozet lozengers all from chemist, should help

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