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Help Diagnose Me

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HakunaMutataa Sun 18-Aug-19 21:36:22

So, I've been poorly for 12 days now, seen numerous doctors at my Gp Surgery and urgent care. I've had urine tests, blood tests and an ultrasound on my abdomen. They think I just have a bug, they think this will just go away but I disagree. I feel like there's something more here.

I've had immense stomachs cramps, these seem to appear mid afternoon, sometimes evenings and last a few hours. I sometimes wake with them on a morning. The cramps are low, heavy and achey when they get bad. When they're not bad in left with an ache around my lower back, in my hips, sometimes I get a sharp stabbing kind of pain. I'm most comfortable lying down and feel very uncomfortable walking around. As a mom of 2, I can't spend my days sitting down!

Think I'm going to have to have another trip to the gp but don't know what else they can do? They've prescribed me coedine which helps the pain but I can't keep taking this as it makes me so sleepy.

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Rumours0fAHurricane Sun 18-Aug-19 23:02:08

Gallstones or kidney stones

HakunaMutataa Mon 19-Aug-19 07:44:03

Thanks, I think they looked for those on my ultrasound/ with my blood tests and have been ruled out

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Snowflake9 Mon 19-Aug-19 07:47:16

Kidney stones are hard to see on an ultrasound.

Did they scan your ovaries?

HakunaMutataa Mon 19-Aug-19 08:34:09

Yeah they scanned my ovaries and I think she said my kidneys as well. I just wish I knew what was wrong with me, I'm sick of going and being told it's nothing it will go, I'm uncomfortable everyday, mostly at the moment with my back constantly aching, I just want answers and some kind of idea when I will get better

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bobstersmum Mon 19-Aug-19 08:43:17

Have you had any diarrhoea?

HakunaMutataa Mon 19-Aug-19 09:06:31

When it first started I was going to the toilet more often, or rather feeling like I needed too, sometimes there wasn't anything there, sometimes only a small amount, and it was looser. I was also feeling really nauseous if I didn't eat. I was starving all the time. And constantly needed to wee.

All of that seems to have calmed down now, I'd say about 4/5 days ago and now I'm just left with this horrible ache in my back and he pains in my stomach.

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bobstersmum Mon 19-Aug-19 09:21:44

Could it be ibs?

HakunaMutataa Mon 19-Aug-19 13:17:45

I don't know? I've never suffered with ibs before? I'll take a look into it though hoping this isn't something that will be with me for life...

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LittleMissMe99 Mon 19-Aug-19 19:13:53

Kidney stones? Do you have heavy periods? Just thinking about endometriosis which can be excruciating

HakunaMutataa Mon 19-Aug-19 22:14:26

I used to have the worst periods, very very painful but that has been managed the last 10 years or so through the contraceptive pill

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quitefranklyivehadenough Mon 19-Aug-19 22:44:28

Do any foods or eating in general aggravate it?

HakunaMutataa Tue 20-Aug-19 08:43:10

If I eat too much then yes that can aggravate it, so sticking with little and often at the moment

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jalopy Tue 20-Aug-19 08:46:07

Long shot but endometriosis?

justilou1 Tue 20-Aug-19 08:50:58

Maybe you have bowel polyps and one has twisted. Do you have a history of bowel cancer in your family? When you pass a stool do you sometimes feel that you’re not finished?

Ellabella989 Tue 20-Aug-19 08:56:26

I have IBS and it sounds exactly how I feel. Mine just came out of the blue one day and I’ve had it 2 years now (had every possible test to rule everything else out including colonoscopy, pelvic scans, a million blood tests, camera down the throat etc). Buscopan really helps the pain and nausea for me. Wind tablets also help if there’s trapped gas and bloating going on. When I get anxious/stressed about how I’m feeling it makes the symptoms a million times worse. Maybe ask to be referred to a gastroenterologist and they can do some more tests like a colonoscopy to rule things out. Good luck

HakunaMutataa Tue 20-Aug-19 09:14:40

I've looked into ibs after someone mentioned it yesterday and it does seem to match my symptoms unfortunately. How do you deal with it on a day to day basis? Just with the buscopan? Or is it something that triggers every now and then? Will I need to ask my go to be referred to someone to see about it? Sorry for the lots of questions but I don't know what to do or where to start

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Ellabella989 Tue 20-Aug-19 09:25:56

Best to see a gastroenterologist so they can rule things out like crohns, colitis, cealiac, sibo, diverticulitis etc. If they can’t find anything then they’ll diagnose it as IBS.
I take buscopan most days and it always makes me feel so much better. Also have to be careful with my diet that I don’t have too much sugar or loads of fibre as they set things off too. There are yoga workouts on YouTube that are specifically for IBS so I do those when I’m feeling sick and they help the pain and relax me too. If I don’t sleep well then i’ll suffer the next day too, and I can’t have any alcohol or caffeine anymore as they make me so unwell. It sucks but when I do all of the above I definitely feel so much better and can function normally 98% of the time.
Look into taking a daily probiotic tablet too as that will help to kill off bad bacteria in your guts. Bioglan is a good one and I get mine on amazon

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