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What the hell is wrong with my leg?

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custardlover Sat 17-Aug-19 14:13:20

I'm on holiday right now and away for another week. Just before I went I did something to my back through over-zealous pre-holiday exercising. It was sore - lower left back, just above my pelvis - but not agony. However, a week later it really is; the pain has travelled down my leg and when I stand up / sit down / fake my first few steps I have an excruciating shooting pain in my hip, behind my knee and in my calf. Is this Sciatica? It's getting worse and I don't know what to do! I've been doing yoga and stretching every day (told the instructor on the resort about it but not confident she's an expert) and had a sports massage. I've also got some mega ibuprofen to take the edge off (thank god for continental pharmacies who dish out the drugs so liberally): is there anything else I should be doing to get rid of it? Do you think this diagnosis sounds correct? I am ruining my family's holiday with my lack of mobility and shrieks of pain and I'm not having a ball myself to be honest; now how I imagined the longed-for summer holiday was going to go!

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custardlover Sat 17-Aug-19 14:52:34

The worst thing is I can't even sit around with a G&T. The only relief I get is when walking. Bah.

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MollyCuddle Sat 17-Aug-19 14:58:19

I get similar and was told sciatica.
I was told to take ibuprofen and keep moving.
Hope it eases soon.

BarbarAnna Sat 17-Aug-19 15:15:55

Hmm. Would be a little bit worried about DVT. There is a test you do when you flex your foot but can’t remember the full extent of it. Have a google. But I am pretty sure it eases with walking and worsens with sitting.

TantricTwist Sat 17-Aug-19 15:21:04

It's sciatica. It can go after 2 weeks or stay for a lot longer or anywhere in between.

Take ibuprofen for the pain as it is an anti-inflammatory so will help the most.

Lie on the floor with your legs on a chair to help. _!-

homemadecommunistrussia Sun 18-Aug-19 14:07:20

I have been suffering from something similar- walking makes my pain much worse though.
I hope you feel better soon op, I had mine on holiday too and it really takes the shine off it.sad

picklemepopcorn Sun 18-Aug-19 14:14:01

That's sciatica. Generally, lots of ibuprofen and gentle exercise. There's an exercise you can do to open up the area and take the pressure off the nerve. Along the lines of lying on you back on the bed. Twist your hips so the bad leg is on top and bring it forward letting the foot dangle over the edge of the bed. It will really stretch the lower back where the pain originates. You may want to look for sciatica exercises online.

BambooWhoosh Sun 18-Aug-19 14:19:09

I've sciatic pain before and the physio gave me this exercise which did relieve it

I've no medical training though, so I'm not certain I had the exact same thing.

custardlover Mon 19-Aug-19 20:40:40

Thanks very much all.

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Rassy Mon 19-Aug-19 20:46:40

I would try icing the area as well

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