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caught DS playing with cat poo, he may have put fingers in mouth - should I do something?

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FREAKshow Sat 04-Aug-07 19:54:42

The poo was dry, not completely hard. DS may well have put his fingers right to the back of his mouth as his back teeth are coming through. He is two and a half. Is there something I should do, beyond washing his hands, to avoid toxoplasmosis?

alibobins Sat 04-Aug-07 20:49:28

Not alot you can do but my neice did this and nhs direct sent her to a&e they said there is not much you can do but old pooh is worse than fresh as it grows eggs that can make children really ill.

It might be worth giving nhs direct a ring if not see your gp monday.

berolina Sat 04-Aug-07 20:52:07

I don't think toxoplasmosis is (usually) a problem for anyone other than immunocompromised people or foetuses. Alibobins means toxocariasis, I think, which is transmitted by dog poo, not cat poo - now that is scary for children.

FREAKshow Sat 04-Aug-07 21:33:38

Thank you both. Just panicked a bit.

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