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So confused, and not thinking straight - any advice?

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OfMe Fri 16-Aug-19 05:04:34

Bear in mind through all this that I have something called Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease, which is like lupus but it attacks your connective tissue instead of your organs.
Four days ago, lower back pain started (thought it was weird early period pain). Three days ago, sharp, burning pains in my left flank (much like kidney infection pain, as I've had before) started. Overnight, I felt like my temp was going up and down, weed a lot in the night, had patches of nausea and shortness of breath. Two days ago, went to GP - said she thought it was either: 1) kidney infection (so prescribed antibiotics) 2) kidney stones (but as the pain wasn't moving, less likely) or 3) the 10mm adrenal adenoma could be bleeding, but this was very unlikely. (The adenoma was dxed incidentally in 2017, when I had exactly the same pain, but they said that that wasn't the cause of it, but they didn't know what that was, as there was no infection.) Anyway, the GP said to go straight to A&E if it got worse. Came home, took the antibiotics and Naproxen, and rested. 4am I woke with the pain, worse, and it didn't go away, so at 7.15 DF dropped me to the hospital. They tested bloods and wee, and by this point, I am crying with the pain. Paracetamol takes the edge off, and I calm down a bit, although still v uncomfortable. Medical student comes in to do extensive tests and questioning - he's really thorough and gentle, and understanding. Consultant comes in - roughly says 'the test came back clear. There's no infection. Does it hurt here' and shoves his hand higher than where the pain is coming from, but where it's still tender. I get to say 'Yes, but...' but before I can say 'it's coming from further down', he says 'Yes, well that's muscular, it's not an infection, it's muscular', and proceeds to argue with me, over the fact that this is a repeat of 2017. During this conversation he pulls up the notes and tells me that in 2017 they did a CT scan which found the adenoma AND A HERNIA (this was complete news to me). He says there's nothing more he can do but says I should go back to the GP to see my endocrinologist again. He prescribes me diclofenac suppository (which the nurse helpfully asks whether I would like to do myself, or would I like her to do it). I do it myself, most of the pain goes so they discharge me, with a prescription for a week's worth of diclofenac suppositories.
Now I know no-one on mn is going to help diagnose whatever the fuck this is, but would you be happy with this treatment?

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