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SAVE ME oh save me from nosebleed hell

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foxinsocks Sat 04-Aug-07 17:29:21

both dd and ds are in full nosebleed flow

Ds is the worst by far - I've posted about him before but miraculously, after I've posted, they've stopped for a bit. I will take him to the GP next week but in the meantime, he has had 3 major ones since last night (requiring total change of bedlinen in the night and today, 2 complete changes of outfit plus blood all over the carpet etc.)

Anyway, I'm quite good with them now but what is worrying me is that he is off to Wembley with his dad tomorrow and I'm concerned that he's going to have a major gush (or 2) while he is there.

Are there ANY tips on preventative measures?

Freckle Sat 04-Aug-07 17:34:05

I find that DS3 gets them if he gets too hot. Could this be a trigger with DS? If so, just ensure that he is relatively cool.

Once the bleed starts, get him to stand leaning forward and get him or his dad to pinch just below the bridge of the nose. This slows the flow and hopefully the blood will clot. Once it has, get him to resist the urge to blow his nose! Get them to take loads of tissues.

DS2 used to get nosebleeds a lot but seems to have grown out of them, although does get the occasional one.

foxinsocks Sat 04-Aug-07 17:43:51

yes, I think you are right - I reckon heat is a trigger as is hayfever (he's been sneezing a lot lately too).

They are awful things - I feel so sorry for him. He doesn't like them at all and doesn't like the sensation of having his nose pinched.

That's a good idea actually - I'll pack him a change of clothes, lots of kitchen roll and a thermos of ice cold drink. Once I'd pinched his nose for a short bit, taken his shirt off and given him a ice lolly, it seemed to stop much quicker.

How old was ds2 when he outgrew them?

Freckle Sat 04-Aug-07 17:49:06

Well he's now 11 and, as I said, still gets the occasional one. Hasn't had full-on, middle of the night ones for a few years though.

DS3 is 9 and has only started getting them in the last couple of years.

My nephew used to get them too, mainly between the ages of 4/5 to 9/10. He's now 12 and rarely gets them.

I think that, as they get older, the blood vessels inside the nose get stronger, so it's probably just a question of waiting it out.

foxinsocks Sat 04-Aug-07 17:51:14

aah yes, ds is 5 so that fits your theory .

I took him to the doctor when he was a baby (he's always had nosebleeds) and was given such short shrift that I've never mentioned it to a doctor again.

Then I happened to be at a friend's house (and she happens to be a GP) and she said 'oh why haven't you mentioned can get a cream that might help' and seemed amazed that I'd never gone back to the doctor so I'm going to go next week and get this cream and see if it works!

Freckle Sat 04-Aug-07 19:10:06

I have to say that mine are quite adept at coping with them these days. Often I don't now about it until they come to me with sodden tissues wanting to point out which particular bit of carpet probably needs replacing .

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