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Lyme disease or nothing to worry about?

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biscuitbadger Thu 15-Aug-19 09:08:03

About 5 weeks ago I noticed a small red bump like a little bite, on the inside of my elbow. I work outdoors and am prone to getting bitten/scratched a fair bit so I ignored it, assuming it would go away.

After a few days a red patch appeared around it, which then over the course of a couple more days spread slowly outwards to maybe 3cm diameter, and a clear patch appeared in the middle.

Thinking it could be ringworm, I popped into a pharmacy. The pharmacist wasn't sure but thought it looked like it could be fungal, and I was given antifungal cream. I started using the cream and the spot and red patch disappeared within 48 hours.
This was now all about a month ago. I thought no more of it until I saw sth in the news about Lyme disease...

I have had a slightly upset stomach and felt a bit nauseous and tired for the last week. Yesterday I felt worse and had a headache too, but this morning I don't feel as bad. So I think I just have a mild stomach bug.

I also have health anxiety.

I'm freaking out now that I might have Lyme disease and that I should have seen a doctor when I had the original bite.

Should I see a doctor now? Is it urgent? Am I panicking over nothing?

Would a Lyme disease rash be so small and clear up so quickly?

Could Lyme disease make me feel queasy and bloated rather than fluey?

Because of my health anxiety I tend to try and avoid bothering the doctor when I'm in a sudden panic. But I don't want to miss something important.

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