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heat rash

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wigglebumsmum Sat 04-Aug-07 07:06:02

my 10 month old son has a terrible heat rash. Any recommendations would be helpful. Tepid baths help but only for very shorts periods.

MaryBS Sat 04-Aug-07 08:46:18

Piriton can be used from 12 months, but if you go to your Drs, he may be able to recommend you use that.

Magicool spray is good for cooling when you are out and about, and can be used safely on babies.

Calamine cream (as opposed to lotion), if you keep it in the fridge, will also help.

wigglebumsmum Sat 04-Aug-07 14:59:18

have calamine lotion and has been using that today and it does seem to have helped a bit. thank you !!

MaryBS Sun 05-Aug-07 06:56:45

That's good news. The reason I suggested the cream rather than the lotion is because it stays on better, but the lotion is also good for helping!

How is he today?

eidsvold Sun 05-Aug-07 07:31:54

lanacane medicated powder is fab - keeps the area dry and as it is medicated heals the rash that is already there.

Found it fab through the aussie summer - especially if they get it on their backs from getting sweaty at night.

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