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Pretty certain I had my first migraine

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kaytee87 Tue 20-Aug-19 08:12:01

I'm not sure.

When I have a migraine I have a headache that grows and grows (usually worse behind left eye), my face feels weak, the headache gets so bad that I can't open my eyes and then the nausea builds until I'm sick.
There is some relief from being sick but I usually have to go to bed for the rest of the day.

BusterGonad Tue 20-Aug-19 06:56:32

I had what I thought was a migraine, I literally was in a dark room for a day or two as I couldn't cope with normal life! My husband was visiting the doctors (pay as you go abroad type thing) and encouraged me to go, well, I couldn't believe it when he said I had high blood pressure and that's what was causing it! I took the meds for a few months and then my blood pressure dropped and I came off of them and it's never risen again! That was a terrible terrible head/neck/eye ache type of pain.

imclaustrophobicdarren Wed 14-Aug-19 15:59:29

Thanks for your replies, really interesting. I'll keep an eye and if I get another one I might just run it by the GP, feel like a bit of a fraud though considering a lot of people do have migraines. Guess it's best to be safe than sorry!

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wineandsunshine Wed 14-Aug-19 13:10:03

I just wanted to add I am on preventative medication too!

wineandsunshine Wed 14-Aug-19 13:09:00

I get these types of headaches/migraine...I have been diagnosed with chronic daily migraine which normally occurs behind one eye.
However I can sometimes feel it starting exactly as you describe in my neck and paracetamol plus sleep for an hour helps.

I would just keep a track on your migraines/

GruciusMalfoy Wed 14-Aug-19 12:27:40

I get migraines, and I sometimes get neck stiffness and soreness with them. If it's new to you you may be better seeing a GP, but I'd not be surprised if it was migraine.

Lougle Tue 13-Aug-19 22:22:28

I get frequent migraines. My neurologist is of the opinion that all neck pain (with headache) is migraine pain. Migraine is complex and symptoms can vary from migraine to migraine.

Silvercatowner Tue 13-Aug-19 22:17:52

OP if it happens again then see a doctor. Don't rely on internet 'experts' to diagnose you.

WhiteWineAndMagnums Tue 13-Aug-19 18:53:46

Hi, I suffer the same.

They're not classic migraines but cerviogenic headaches. It's a thing - have a google. Mine start the same - awful tightness around the neck/base of head and I know a stomping headache is round the corner. Pain is on a level as classic migraine, if not worse (I used to suffer classic migraine so have a good comparison).

Mine often come after a long bout of driving too.

loveyoutothemoon Tue 13-Aug-19 18:18:23

Doesn't sound like a migraine. But I would get that checked out.

imclaustrophobicdarren Tue 13-Aug-19 14:15:06

But to be so severe? I've had headaches and this was next level. You're right though, no idea if it was or wasn't a migraine.

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Slightlyjaded Tue 13-Aug-19 14:11:05

This doesn't sound particularly like a migraine to be honest. More like a rotten headache caused by a stiff neck. I'm no saying it wasn't a migraine but there is nothing to suggest that it was iyswim

imclaustrophobicdarren Tue 13-Aug-19 13:52:01

Yesterday. We were travelling back home on the motorway for 4 hours. For the first hour I was whinging how I need a back massage as my neck is really tight. Then the pain in my neck was so bad I just cried (im usually nails) and my DH was just freaking out thinking I was going to die and not being remotely helpful. I felt sick and panicky too. Finally got home and went straight to bed. DH went and got tablets, I took them and the neck eased off after probably 10 mins then I just had a headache that lasted probably half an hour then all gone. Like it never happened.

Is that normal? I went on the nhs website and the only thing it mentioned about neck pain was that I should probably go see a Dr. I feel fine now so won't but should I have done?

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