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Something moving inside me!

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Mollypolly2610 Tue 13-Aug-19 00:34:51

I have diverticulitis and have had a few colonoscopies. In my upper body above my stomach and under my boobs I get a lot of pain and I can actually feel movement there. Is it muscle movement or what could it be. I feel a bit freaked out by it. Some nice solution would be helpful!

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Mymomsbetterthanyomom Tue 13-Aug-19 01:42:35

Ok,I'm going to ask the obvious question.Is there anyway you are pregnant?
If not,it sounds like you are feeling movement from a build up of gas.And/or possibly constipation.
And that's miserable,I'm sorry!

SpoonBlender Tue 13-Aug-19 03:12:11

Diverticulitis can mean painful gut movements - mostly gas, sometimes just all twisted up and moving material badly. Your stomach overlaps with your boobs by the way, higher up than you think it is.

Most torso pain above the nipple level would be reflux, if it's up that high maybe check into whether you have a hiatus hernia.

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