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Back problems getting me down

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Pinkclarko Mon 12-Aug-19 08:42:38

Hi All

41 and had lower back issues since 19. Have a 3 and 1 year old, episiotomy and 3rd degree tear if that matters. Very stretched due to short torso I think! Have been back to exercise for about six months building up slowly from machine based weights and have now added cardio and some bench free weights as long as they’re not too core dependent as abs still feel separated. Daily activities include non crunch abs, hip opener exercises, bridges, mobility of hips and hamstrings, pelvic floor etc. Never lift incorrectly-I brace core hard to switch the kettle on even. Point is I don’t think I can do much more and yet I lose sleep every night due to hip and back pain (have a knee pillow), can’t sit at my desk for more than ten minutes and have back spasms every morning until the ibuprofen andparacetamol kick in. Currently on holiday and ruining everyone’s fun as I’m utterly fed up feeling like this. On list for physio but I’ve had this after first birth and don’t see what more they will be able to suggest that I’m not already doing. Anyone else had anything similar can can suggest anything? Willing to try a witch doctor at this point smile thanks for reading to the boring end!

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HennyPennyHorror Mon 12-Aug-19 09:29:57

I'd stop all of that full-on exercise and do yoga and swimming. Have you seen a specialist?

clairethewitch70 Mon 12-Aug-19 09:36:15

I have had serious back problems since the birth of my first child 23 years ago. The weight training is likely making your pain worse. Too intensive. I use yoga and Pilates when I can but the best thing for pain management is hydrotherapy. When you see physio ask for a referral.

Jimmylaw9 Mon 12-Aug-19 09:50:13

Hi had lower back issues for a year. Was told about and read a book called healing back pain by John Sarno on Amazon. It cost me £5 quid on kindle and it’s the best thing I ever did. Prior to that I tried everything. There’s also lots of free stuff bout him on the net.

Pinkclarko Mon 12-Aug-19 10:11:55

Expect you’re all right. It just helps with weight loss so efficiently I’ve been reluctant to acknowledge it maybe not helping. I try and stick with exercises that minimise core so no squats etc and mostly machines but I have done pump with lighter weight recently. Wish I liked yoga but I just wouldn’t do it. It is to me what king runs are for many smile. Will get that book, do some swimming and focus on core and mobility rather than weights (aw crap). Suppose will have to wait for physio referral. Thought about buying cheap TENS machine but need to address cause not symptom don’t I. Thanks for input and listening to this waffle smile

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