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I've just watched "what the health"

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ifeelgreat Sun 11-Aug-19 16:09:32

Has anyone else watched it?

I'm a meat eating, slim gym goer, don't smoke but I do drink red wine.

2 of my friend in the past 6 months have got breast cancer in there 30s. I am becoming so frightened about it all, even asked my GP for a mammogram but he's refused.

Came across this on YouTube today and I'm sat here pondering.

Has anyone seen it? I need to talk about it!

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ShariH Sun 11-Aug-19 19:09:43

I watched this two years ago. I was an on- off vegetarian but my husband was a supreme meat eater. He came in as I was watching it and at the end said to me "right - I'm going vegan" . We both went plant based from that day on and have never regretted it. Although we did it for health reasons we are now plant based for many reasons. Have never felt better! (Although I'm battling my first cold in two years at the moment!) it's worth looking at the research available. I also watched Forks over Knives.

EvaHarknessRose Sun 11-Aug-19 19:17:24

I do think that wholefood plant based eating, with plenty of starches legumes and wholegrains and ‘eating the rainbow’ is probably on the whole a good thing.

But do continue to think what’s right for you, use critical thinking skills and evaluate the evidence sources. Its not possible to avoid all health issues, and it sounds as though health anxiety might be an issue for you - new diets or health regimes are likely to feed that anxiety, not resolve it. So talk to people in real life and approach your lifestyle in a balanced way. Go back to your GP about the anxiety if it starts to affect you in day to day life. I’m sorry about your friends’ challenges, my Ddad has just had a cancer diagnosis too.

ThirdThoughts Sun 11-Aug-19 19:37:12

I have seen a bunch of similar docs but can't remember if that was one of them.

In general, there are four habits to maximize our chances of good health:

1. Don't smoke
2. Drink alcohol only in moderation
3. Eat vegetables and fruits
4. Exercise

It sounds like you have definitely got 1 & 4 sorted, and maybe ok on 2&3 too depending on quantities.

I went plant based at the start of this year and I found Dr. Gregor's "How Not to Die" book/audiobook really good on explaining not just which foods have been shown in studies to be harmful but also which are beneficial. He goes through each of top health related causes of death and lays out how nutrition can lower the risk of each. I found it helpful to know what to eat more of.

But, obviously a lower risk is not a zero risk. You can do what you can to eat and live healthfully, but illness still happens and death, eventually, is inevitable.

As a previous commentor has noted, if this anxiety is affecting you day to day then you can get help with it.

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