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Flu in August!!

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interminablehellishwhatever Fri 16-Aug-19 12:31:25

Hi Tensun, good to hear you're improving slowly! Yes the weakness and fatigue might take a while to get back to your normal energy level but the rest will make a big difference. Do as much resting as you possibly can for a few days.

My aches are much less scary today, not bothering me nearly so much, thank goodness. I feel a bit better in myself generally too, despite a very challenging morning that could've really set me back. I deliberately asked myself, "Is it a disaster, or is it just a setback?" That's becoming a magic question for me when anxiety threatens to escalate, and anxiety always exacerbates any illness or symptoms for me. So, yes, having a better day! But resting and having plenty of quiet time while I've got the chance. Hope you can too. Take care brew cake

Tensun15 Fri 16-Aug-19 09:02:45

Hi xx I am gradually getting there. Still weak .., and need to get my energy back. Spent yday resting. Hope you 2 are ok xx

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interminablehellishwhatever Thu 15-Aug-19 12:48:26

Still feel very ropey, all my usual aches and pains are in overdrive (mid and lower back, hips, knees) and feel tired and down. The typical 'cold' symptoms seem to come and go, but the fatigue and aches are constant. Not happy! lol

Hope you're both having a better day than me flowers

Tensun15 Thu 15-Aug-19 09:00:20

@interminablehellishwhatever @Moonshake how is everyone today?

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Tensun15 Wed 14-Aug-19 09:29:48

@Moonshake ohh no.. I said it's like a nasty cold then the dr said no it's the flu dear! 🙈.

My daughter had croup the other week and usually she gets that winter time! ..

My cough, what was very dry is now getting a little bit loose but makes me gag and feel sick. Still feel short of breath but think it's because I'm constantly just having to breathe through my mouth .. (nose so stuffy)

This year I am getting the flu jab, suffered terribly last year.

Just rest up if you can and drink lots of water . X

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Moonshake Wed 14-Aug-19 08:36:12

I think I have this. About 10 days ago the glands on my neck felt swollen and I noticed a pea sized lump on my neck. It felt like when I had glandular fever but I felt physically fine. Then on sunday I started with mild cold symptoms - sore throat, runny nose and sneezing. Yesterday afternoon suddenly felt awful - aching all over especially my ribs, no energy, throbbing glands in my neck. Had to leave work early and been in bed ever since. Not sure if it's flu, but its certainly a nasty cold.

Tensun15 Tue 13-Aug-19 23:27:13

@interminablehellishwhatever yes that awful heavy feeling ouchhhh so awful.

Well I hope it doesn't get any worse for you. And you sleep well.


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interminablehellishwhatever Tue 13-Aug-19 22:28:15

@Tensun15, so sorry to hear you've still been very poorly with this. Now you mention it, I've been quite congested in my sinuses and definitely had dry mouth, especially when I wake up in the morning or after my naps. And my heart has been a bit thumpy! Omg we've got the same thing shock

Hope your potassium levels are improving and your energy picks up. Can you take anything that might help you sleep? I'm already on a medication which indirectly helps me sleep longer, but waking up feeling like I haven't slept even so. I could not believe how sore and stiff my hips were this morning until I had a warm bath, which really helped. But at one point this afternoon I had to roll over onto my front and lift myself up on my elbows just to get across my bed to reach for something, because my hips and legs felt like lead!

Tensun15 Tue 13-Aug-19 22:17:36

@interminablehellishwhatever forgot to say.,, I have that horrible dry cough and dry mouth at night too so not sleeping great x

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Tensun15 Tue 13-Aug-19 22:16:33

Hi @interminablehellishwhatever .. aww defo sounds like how I was. Really hope you don't get it tho.

First signs for me were a stuffy nose then on Friday felt so run down and Saturday I was floored. I had such heavy arms and legs, was bed bound and had to get help with the kids. Had full on congestion and dry cough. I have been so drained and weak .. no energy to walk about.

During all this I have had additional probs with heart racing and palpitations.. I had an ecg and it was abnormal so panicked abit. I had blood tests done and they found I'm low in phosphate & potassium which can make my heart abnormal. So on tablets for this.

So I had 5 days of feeling really rubbish ...

I went to the drs as I thought I had a chest inf but I didn't .. so just made do with paracetamols, lots of fluids, and rest.

Hope you don't get it xxxx

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interminablehellishwhatever Tue 13-Aug-19 21:41:30

Hope you're feeling better by now, OP. I'm thinking I've got something, maybe viral - very sore and achey in knees, hips, upper arms; headachey; breathless and unable to get a breath 'all the way down' quite often, odd sort of fluttery feeling in my chest at times; fatigued and a bit depressed and grumpy. Sighing a lot. Feels like flu but no cough or sniffles (yet?)

How have you been coping? I'm not working just now but have got decorator and various tradespeople in and out so don't feel able to just hide away and stay in bed for a few days, sadly.

Are you taking anything, or seen your GP? flowers

Tensun15 Sat 10-Aug-19 16:56:15

I had glandular fever last year then kept getting tonsillitis.. I just feel like all that again. Glandular fever/tonsillitis type!

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Tensun15 Sat 10-Aug-19 16:51:36

Only bitten in my back garden couple of weeks ago .. don't live in the country (unfortunately) .. has 2 bites from some greedy mozzies!!

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Iggly Sat 10-Aug-19 16:33:55

Have you been walking in the countryside and bitten recently? Just to rule out Lyme disease!

Tensun15 Sat 10-Aug-19 16:32:27

Thought I was getting another bout of tonsillitis but have a really dry cough and throat.. tight chest.. totally fatigued and aching joints.. and abit of an upset belly.

Been bed bound all day.

This is just like the flu I got last year around Xmas, think I'll get the flu jab once I can so I don't get this again this winter.

Lovely summer flu !! What is this about?

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