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Ripped off by Pure Keto

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cjloveske Sat 10-Aug-19 09:53:38

Has anyone made the mistake I have? A very misleading advert suggested I could trial Pure Keto for £4.99. Next thing I know they've taken 59.99 and then £54.99 from my account. Turns out that T&C's that were well hidden said this would happen if I didn't return the bottles back after taking only 14 of the months supply and contacting them asking for an authorisation code to cancel. I haven't even opened or tried them yet. I'm feeling stupid for being ripped by misleading advertising and wondering if I'm the only one! Also, have any of you tried the product? The main issue I'd have is that you're not allowed to enjoy any alcohol if you take them!

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Seaweed42 Sat 10-Aug-19 14:39:07

I read the info online. It sounds like a load of rubbish sorry to be harsh. Nothing can 'break the blood brain barrier' so that is a lie for starters.

Allli Sat 10-Aug-19 23:20:06

I googled and The Guardian has an article on it, pretty much what happened to you had happened to others. Apparently some banks are more helpful than others. Good luck. I hate when chancer companies get away with stunts like this.

cjloveske Sun 11-Aug-19 21:42:55

Thanks. My bank have stopped any further charges , but I can't get a refund from the company. An expensive mistake for thinking there's a quick fix. Lost the wrong sort of pounds!

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cjloveske Tue 27-Aug-19 22:55:31

After a lot of persistence I got the money back from the rip off

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Elieza Tue 27-Aug-19 23:42:14

Well done! smile

cjloveske Wed 28-Aug-19 09:04:31

Thank you!

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SavoyCabbage Wed 28-Aug-19 09:10:06

Good for you! 💐 I think they rely on people feeling too embarrassed to try and get their money back. Con-artists.

cjloveske Wed 28-Aug-19 09:15:17

Thanks. Yes, I told them that the legal position re. distance selling carried more weight than any policy they had.
In the end I gave them 48 hours before taking legal action!

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