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I popped a blister then vomited.. related?

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asblackasyoursoul Fri 09-Aug-19 23:37:19

Ooh thanks for this guys. This is interesting, as I did have an overwhelming thought of ''Oh god, I need to lie down or I'm going to fall down''

Why did this happen though? I didn't actually faint of course, but felt very much like I was going to. I've never fainted in my life!

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LifeIsGoodish Fri 09-Aug-19 23:25:59

Classic vasovagal response. You're not ill, don't worry.

Greybeardy Fri 09-Aug-19 23:15:42

Sounds rather like a vagal episode. You don’t have to be squeamish to have them.

asblackasyoursoul Fri 09-Aug-19 22:02:07

Last night, I had a very sore blister on both heels. One was much bigger than the other so I decided to pop it (I know, but I googled, and it advised to sterilise a needle then use antiseptic)

I popped it, decided to leave the other one alone as it was quite small. Was applying sudocrem and all of a sudden felt very unwell, light headed, sweaty. Went to the bathroom and vomited 3 times.

I didn’t have any dirrohea, didn’t vomit again after that or today at all, feeling absolutely fine.

I’m so confused? The last time I vomited was nearly 2 years ago with norovirus. And surely if the needle was dirty (99% sure it wasn’t as it was also a new needle straight from the pack) it would’ve taken longer than 30 seconds to cause some sort of infection?
I’m also not squeamish either... was this just a total coincidence or is there a link? Tried googling but can’t find anything!

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