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Vitamins D deficiency experiences/symptoms

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Ro0x Fri 09-Aug-19 06:48:53

Hey, 4 weeks ago I was told I have a vitamin d deficiency after a few months of feeling absolutely awful. I could barely carry myself I was that tired, tingling and feel like my limbs were asleep/aching. I’ve also been very anxious and depressed. I have anxiety and depression anyway but it’s made it unmanageable and I’m currently off work.

Since taking the loading doses 4 weeks ago I have felt a bit better but no where near my usual self. I still feel terrible in the mornings and it’s starting to really get me down.

All my other bloods, iron, b12 thyroid etc were all fine.

Can anyone tell me some positive stories or what their symptoms were. I’m honestly so low with this. sad

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AngelasAshes Fri 09-Aug-19 06:51:19

I have had this. It can take several months to get your vit d levels back up depending upon how low they were and how well you absorb vit d.
So just be patient.

Boom25 Fri 09-Aug-19 06:52:33

It takes longer to fully feel better ime

Ro0x Fri 09-Aug-19 06:59:51

I forgot to add my level was 22 is that pretty low?

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madcatladyforever Fri 09-Aug-19 07:01:31

I have it and take a mega dose, prescription only. I feel ok now but the bone deep exhaustion was awful.

Boom25 Fri 09-Aug-19 07:03:01

mine was 10 last time I felt really bad. It took a good 6-8 weeks on the high doses after injections to start to feel better. I take maintenance doses now.

VivaLeBeaver Fri 09-Aug-19 07:05:26

22 is very low. I felt fairly crap at 32. I think I read it takes 6 months to get your levels up to a decent level from that sort of low level. I would say I felt better after about 2 months. Same for dd who had similar levels.

What dose are you taking now because I take more than the dr told me to. Think he told me to take 1000iu. Per day. I took 5000iu for a month, 3000iu for a month and now take 1000iu.

Sadly they dont retest levels here so I have no way of knowing what I have got mine back to. Dr said no need to retest if I'm feeling better which I understand. But I was curious.

VivaLeBeaver Fri 09-Aug-19 07:05:59

Apparently the spray is absorbed better than the tablets as well.

chutneypig Fri 09-Aug-19 07:06:38

I had similar low levels a couple of years ago. If I remember rightly I had a blood test 6 weeks later and the levels were back in the normal range but it did take a couple of months to feel normal again.

I remember feeling like every cell in my body was tired. It did impact my sleep as well, although whether that was the lack of Vit D or a side effect of the tiredness I’m not sure,

SofiaAmes Fri 09-Aug-19 07:06:55

How much are you taking. It should probably be at least 5000iu a day for an adult in the UK. Perhaps more if you have dark skin or wear clothes that keep you covered...

SofiaAmes Fri 09-Aug-19 07:07:39

Have you had your hormones checked as well?

SinkGirl Fri 09-Aug-19 07:08:13

I would google the vitamin d protocol. The loading doses given by the nhs are quite low and many people with a deficiency need much more alongside cofactors k2 and magnesium before their levels are optimal.

fruitpastille Fri 09-Aug-19 07:31:11

I had the same level but no noticeable symptoms. I use the better you 3000 spray from Amazon but honestly can't really tell the difference but hopefully my bones can. I haven't bothered recently because I've been in the sunshine a lot.

Ro0x Fri 09-Aug-19 07:39:01

I probably don’t get out as much as I should, working long hours missing most of day light. I’m on 2x20000 a week for 8 weeks. My tingling has stopped. And I have had more moments where I feel kinda ok. If I miss sleep I seem to feel worse but getting to sleep and staying asleep is so hard! I feel like I have flu every morning with my body feeling numb and tender 😖 I have been told to take 1000iu a day after the loading doses. I can’t believe what I’m feeling is vitamin deficiency.

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ratticus Fri 09-Aug-19 07:56:06

I had exactly what you're describing, and was prescribed 2x30000 for 15 weeks (my levels were really low). Like others said, it took A while to start feeling better. Started seeing some improvement around four weeks, and back to normal knackeredness around 8weeks. Hang on in there.

Ro0x Fri 09-Aug-19 08:30:46

Did anyone find that the day before their loading dose tablet they felt worse? I felt awful yesterday and this morning and today is my tablet day. My dr told me take one on a Tuesday and one on a Friday so I don’t get big highs and lows and it’s gradual. I feel so bad because it’s the summer holidays and I can’t even get up some days sad

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BlueisthenewGrey Fri 09-Aug-19 08:35:40

As mentioned above take magnesium too. I also took calcium and they work together. I eventually got my levels to 100 and felt so much better. The NHS guidelines are pretty low, there are lots of USA articles that I found useful. It just takes time. Good luck, you will get better if you keep taking supplements.

MargotsFlounceyBlouse Fri 09-Aug-19 08:37:51

Itching and sweating at night prompted my diagnosis. I felt better quite quickly following the prescription dose.

Ro0x Fri 09-Aug-19 08:41:17

I asked my gp if I need to take any other supplements (mag/calcium) she said no as my levels are all fine. Honestly I know it’s dramatic but I feel like I can’t see the end yet. I want to feel well and work and do things. I think I’m just getting a bit frustrated with the symptoms and being in a lot isn’t helping my mental health. Sorry for the moan ladies just a bad day x

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CitadelsofScience Fri 09-Aug-19 08:45:16

It definitely ends on which measure you're using. The one I've always had done in the uk, a level of 22 is just in to deficiency, insufficiency cuts off below 25.

Myself and several people I know have been severely deficient and had about 3-4 months of treatment.

VivaLeBeaver Fri 09-Aug-19 09:20:15

Is there any benefit to taking 2 large doses twice a week, especially if you feel rougher before the next dose is due? Could you take 5000-6000 a day instead?

VivaLeBeaver Fri 09-Aug-19 09:21:19

The level I had used by my GP was that traditionally 50 had been low but they were now moving to saying levels should be above 70.

JanuaryBirthdays Fri 09-Aug-19 09:41:40

I had a level of 16 back in April, I was taking 40,000IU a week, now the course has finished I take 5,000 every other day. It's important to be taking vitamin K2 aswell as a lot of vitamin D can make calcium build up in the body. There are other cofactors you should be taking along side vitamin D also, magnesium and boron.
There's a really good Facebook group, which has got a lot of good advice and information, vitamin D deficiency UK, or something along those lines.
I didn't realise just how exhausted I was until I started to feel better about 4 weeks in.
I was also having numbness, tingling and spasms which went, but have since come back since taking the smaller dose, however on a recent blood test my levels are now fine.

Ro0x Fri 09-Aug-19 09:47:46

My gp said I don’t need to be taking anything else just what’s been perscribed? I do include calcium every day in my diet. Surely they would recommend to take other stuff if it’s needed? Yes my tingles went away after the first week. The numbness comes and goes (I am being sent for a nerve conduction test) I’ve alwags had little muscle twitching, few years ago I had crawling and tingling in my left leg that didn’t go away for ages. I’ve always had stiff hands but put it down to my job! I feel like some days my bones are made from playdough!

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BuildBuildings Fri 09-Aug-19 09:53:15

My vit d was 17 last year. I have other health issues (underactive thyroid, insulin resistance, anemia and anxiety) so it was very difficult to work out what caused what in terms of symptoms.

However I did very high dose treatment for it and it did take several months to get my levels back up. This was monitored on a blood test rather than by symptoms due to other conditions causing overlapping symptoms.

My GP did say it was a good idea to take a suppliment daily once I had finished the treatment as whatever had caused my deficiency wasn't likely to change.

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