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Questions by Radiographer after MRI

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clairethewitch70 Thu 08-Aug-19 11:19:16

I have had very many MRI's, across my spine, neck, hip & head.

I had a hip MRI (without dye) on Monday. Afterwards the Radiographer asked my lots of questions such as -
Do I know what is wrong with my hip? - no that is why I am here
How long have I had issues?
When am I seeing my Consultant? - 2 weeks
Who? Gave him his name
Report won't be ready, I will try and push it along
Ring if you get more symptoms in next two weeks???

Would you be worried that the Radiographer has spotted something?

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clairethewitch70 Thu 08-Aug-19 11:20:02

I meant to say that I have never been questioned like this before.

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NotWavingButMNing Thu 08-Aug-19 16:55:23

I would suggest you ring whoever referred you for the MRI (or their secretary) and ask for their advice.

DeadCucumber Thu 08-Aug-19 22:29:20

Radiographer here. Depends on the radiographer partly, some do ask more questions than others.

They might have seen something, but even if you call up the report won't be ready. All scans are put in a list then the Radiologists literally sit and go through the list reporting them. It takes some time depending on the workload and staffing.

Rads can put them through as urgent which sounds like they might have done, which bumps it up the list to be reported faster. In your case maybe so it's definitely ready for your next appointment.

If they had spotted something that couldn't have waited, the rad would've gone and shown a duty radiologist immediately.

Like the rad said, if you have worsening symptoms always worth phoning GP or Consultants secretary for advice.

LadyWelsh Thu 08-Aug-19 22:50:20

DeadCucumber is right, I'm a radiographer too. They've no doubt asked these questions to give the radiologist more information and to help justify why it has been flagged for an urgent report. Hope everything goes okay and you get your results for your next appointment ☺️

clairethewitch70 Fri 09-Aug-19 10:59:56

Thank you. Tried ringing the Consultants secretary and there is a permanent message giving two options neither of which allow you to speak to them. Switchboard says it's the only number they have.

I saw gp yesterday and he said that a cyst has been reported before in my hip (ten years ago) which we don't know if it was removed in the subsequent surgery (labral tear debridement) so maybe something to do with that but gp said cyst is not urgent.

The Consultant has been fobbing me off for years since this surgery saying my hip is sorted and reluctantly agreed to the MRI. My spinal surgeon had X-rays of my hips done years ago and told me I had deformed hips, another said hip dysplasia and another coxa something?

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