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Pain at dental injection site, is this normal?

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sunnymorning Wed 07-Aug-19 16:49:36

Had 2 injections with emergency dentist yesterday so he could do some work on infected top back tooth. However he couldn't go ahead with it as the tooth wouldn't numb, I'm assuming because of the infection? I've had antibiotics and I think the tooth is improving but it's hard to tell as the injection site is so sore, is that common after dental work? Am due back with dentist tomorrow to have another go, am really worried now about having the injection. Anyone else experienced this?

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user1471465525 Wed 07-Aug-19 21:05:09

Yes very normal, I've had lots of injections down through the years and it's always the most painful part after treatment.

sunnymorning Thu 08-Aug-19 10:33:56

Thank you xxx

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