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TMI sorry! Funny stomach help please?

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whataboutbob Wed 07-Aug-19 10:59:13

I have the same. A tense, uncomfortable and cramping feeling. Feeling the need to go to the loo throughout the day. Also feeling nauseous. DS had the same last week but more painful, went to Aand E twice in case it was appendicitis, in the end it was probably a gastric virus.

sadkoala Tue 06-Aug-19 16:48:46

I have had something similar last year I think and it was days of sudden urgent very bad pains and a dash to the toilet it was miserable.

But I thought IBS was more frequent than that?

Flossie44 Tue 06-Aug-19 14:44:04

Sounds like how I am when my ibs flares up. The pain is probably wind. Try buscopan maybe? It really does help

needsome Tue 06-Aug-19 14:41:56

Since this morning I've had a funny stomach.

It's feeling a bit uncomfortable all around, at times it feels like trapped wind and at others the discomfort sits around my middle just under my chest I'm guessing around where my intestines start?
I've been able to eat a bit and drink as normal and when I go to the toilet (sorry!) it's not much different than usual but I have been multiple times today rather than my normal once a day.

At times it's more uncomfortable than others and I'm left feeling like I might urgently have to go to the loo but it's never the case.
Luckily I've avoided going out today but I'm having to head out in the evening and most importantly I have a big , busy day tomorrow and I can't afford to be like this!

Has anyone got any advice on how to combat this fast?

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