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Allergic reaction to insects

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irekd Tue 06-Aug-19 01:13:19

So I was at a bbq on Saturday and on Sunday my arm was hurting
Then late Sunday I got some bumps on my arm
Monday today i had about eight blisters on my right arm they all filled popped and now they are like open ish
I've two on my back and one on my finger the one on my finger has made my finger swollen
I went to the doctors coz the chemist told me to and doctor said it's an allergic reaction to a insect bite
He give me some soothing cream

I look like I have fag ends put out on my arm
Blisters open sores red burning pain itching
My arm is killing I feel like it's dead
Now my right leg is so killing itchy pain deep inside
I feel sick dizzy and have stomach cramps diarrhoea

It just seems so weird never seen out like it

It just feels like it's more than an allergic reaction to a insect bite

Advice anyone ? Thanks x

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QOD Fri 09-Aug-19 11:56:25

How are you now ?

HappyHammy Fri 09-Aug-19 13:03:37

phone 111 for expert medical advice, that sounds horrible, hope you fel better soon. it could be the bites, could be the food you ate, we can't tell you I'm afraid. if you feel really terrible you can always call for an ambulance.

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