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Insatiable hunger

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jlgsy94 Mon 05-Aug-19 21:14:24

So I've been overweight, or more appropriately, obese, for at least a good few years, with a weight ranging between 93-108kg. The most I weighed was around 110kg late 2017. I am 162cm (5"3 ish), 24+5 weeks pregnant with 4th baby, and I was 103.5kg when I was last weighed over a month ago.

I have this completely INSATIABLE hunger, which really isn't good considering my diet is (excuse the french) piss poor. I am a lover of all things snacky, crisps, chocolate, cereal, sometimes cake, you name it. I am surprised I haven't turned into a chocolate bar at this rate...! Not only that, but I hate and loathe fruit and veg (unless we're talking orange/apple juice). I've a few "pathetic" excuses for this, 1. healthy foods to me doesn't taste nearly as nice as the stuff I love. 2. if I don't like it, why should I force myself to eat it? (OK, I know that's childish, of course I know why, it's healthy and in the long term I am damaging my health). Since childhood I have been an extremely picky eater, which wasn't helped by my mum letting me off the hook whenever.

FYI our 3 children have never been given the opportunity to develop my bad habits, they've been taught to eat sensibly and in proportion, with the odd treat now and again. I made that promise to myself.

Anyway, the question is, were you normally a big eater pre pregnancy, and if so did you/did you not find that increased by mahoosive amounts during pregnancy?

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