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Anyone know what this could be?

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Maybe2020 Mon 05-Aug-19 20:08:28

This is on my breast, it’s purple with a white ring around the outside.
About 2 months ago it had a hole in the middle and water come out so just assumed it was a cyst/spot. I thought I had drained everything out and it scanned over, it’s now been like this since then and won’t go. I’m terrified it’s breast cancer. It doesn’t hurt and won’t pop. It seems to have little tiny purple/red veins aswell. I’m scared to go to my gp has anyone else had this?

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Footle Tue 06-Aug-19 14:02:32

Why have you not already been to the doctor?

happycamper11 Tue 06-Aug-19 14:04:43

You need to go to the Dr. It could well be a cyst but it might not be in which case early intervention is crucial. Please make an appointment now and fingers crossed for you it's nothing

missyB1 Tue 06-Aug-19 14:08:00

You have to go to the GP. Every chance this is quite innocent but a Dr needs to see it.

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