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Ear wax - help! Best tips please

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trooooooooooo Mon 05-Aug-19 12:54:01

One of my ears is completely blocked, the other partially. I've been using Otex Express for about 10 days off and on on the blocked one, but not on the other thinking I'd get one sorted first.The partially blocked one has started hurting today, the other one doesn't hurt.

Our GP's don't do ear syringing any more.

What can I do?

Thank you

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tobee Mon 05-Aug-19 14:07:11

Did you speak to a pharmacist or just buy otex over the counter? My ds has this recently and the pharmacist was helpful when he listed his symptoms.

trooooooooooo Mon 05-Aug-19 16:28:49

No just bought it - I do get waxy ears, about once a year I have to do something about it, I usually end up using drops and then having them syringed, but the GP's have stopped doing that confused

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Imonlymoominafterall Tue 06-Aug-19 19:15:01

If you can afford it, get them microsuctioned - instant relief, no oiling needed. Most towns have a clinic and you can get a same day appointment. It takes minutes and is painless.

GeriAtric Thu 08-Aug-19 00:03:55

I second microsuctioning. I was lucky to find someone local to do it; it made such a difference. Although, you've said you're having pain and I'm not sure they will do microsuction when there's pain in the ear in case of infection.

GetRid Thu 08-Aug-19 00:10:11

Microsuction is good but it doesn't work if the wax is too soft - which it normally is if you've been putting in drops

Private ear syringing is another option

And double check with your doctor's that they definitely won't do it. A lot have toughened up access but will still do it if you jump through certain hoops

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