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Movicol for adult faecal impaction - what to expect

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CassandraGemini Sun 04-Aug-19 10:28:21

I have IBD and an x-ray showed I have 'some' (?) faecal impaction. My consultant has advised me to take a course of movicol to shift it and I am a bit nervous about this - the packet says 8 sachets within a 6 hour window for the next three days.

Should I expect to be housebound, cancel any plans?

I am not constipated day to day though my IBD means sometimes I don't 'go' very often and consistency [bleurgh sorry] varies.

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Haworthia Sun 04-Aug-19 10:31:16

I would stay at home, yes.

The good thing about Movicol is it’s just a stool softener and won’t cause cramping. But you should expect frequent toilet trips, possibly urgently, so there’s no way I’d be leaving the house smile

CassandraGemini Sun 04-Aug-19 10:36:48

Thanks for the quick reply! I might wait until next week then when I can commit to a clear three days in.

The box has been sitting in my kitchen for two weeks and I just thought about biting the bullet now but another week won't hurt.

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bernietaupinspen Sun 04-Aug-19 10:42:31

OP please don't wait - you have a bowel problem and you have been given medication. Take it. The longer you leave it the bigger risk you put yourself at.

CassandraGemini Sun 04-Aug-19 11:18:22

I do appreciate that Bernie. I actually had the x-ray a while ago and initially ignored the advice because I just got fed up with feeling medicalised. I saw my consultant again recently and discussed it with him and he said to take a course of movicol ‘soon’ but didn’t express any urgency.

It’s hard this week because the kids are off and we have places to be tomorrow and Tuesday in the afternoon and then I have a college day on Saturday.

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