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My mum is suffering from huge anxiety

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Somethingsosimple Sat 03-Aug-19 21:13:56

Thanks so much for answering @granadagirl. No my mum is finding very hard to sleep too. I’ve bought her complan and also trying to encourage her to nibble often if she can’t face a full meal. I will encourage her to go to her GP when she can and see if she can try a smaller dose of diazepam.

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granadagirl Sat 03-Aug-19 19:38:42

Sorry to hear about your dad
I suffer from bad anxiety, also know what the dry heaving is like!
The adrenaline going through your body constantly ,makes you feel nauseas.
At my worse I couldn’t even drink my usual coffee in the morning, and maybe had cereal that was it.
It’s so hard to eat when your churned up with anxiety, you have to wait till it lowers slightly.she maybe able to eat, cereal, toast, banana, soup
Yogurt. Rather than a meal, little and often would be better till the heaving and anxiety have lowered

The Diazepam May have been to strong, im presuming it was probably 5mg.
She will know she as to see gp and knows if it’s that bad it will not go on it’s own.
The Diazepam May have been to much for her body, were all different
I’m presuming it was 5mg of Diazepam and May of been 3 times a day.
She could ask for 2mg or stick with the 5mg and cut them in half and space the out throughout the day.

Is she managing to sleep at night.

Somethingsosimple Sat 03-Aug-19 18:59:44

My DF has just been diagnosed with cancer. He will be told on Tuesday the results of latest scans and biopsies so we will then know the extent and also the treatment. My mum is trying to be so strong but is constantly heaving, shaking and not really able to eat. I’m so worried about both of them but want to help my mum. She has had diazepam before but it makes her so spaced out that she doesn’t think she would be able to function right now. Anyone give me any suggestions to help her with the coming weeks please.

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