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Tranexamic acid

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Weatherwaxed Sat 03-Aug-19 17:03:37

I'm bewildered and would like to hear others views please.
I have been having 11 day periods for well over a year now. Current treatment is tranexamic acid.
I was told to take it from the start of my period, I'm usually light until day 6/7, then heavy for a couple of days.
Took the pills for the first time this cycle, on day 1. bleeding was near non existent while taking them. Day 7 my flow got heavier, day 8 heavier still.
Do i just wait to take the next course at day 5 or 6 and experiment with when it works for me or do i go back to my gp?
I was under the impression the meds would dry up my period and make it far shorter. I am veering between disappointment and upset.

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glitterbiscuits Sat 03-Aug-19 18:06:50

I have them for heavy periods. 2 tablets 3 times a day for first three days. They make a bit of a difference but less so now I'm headed towards menopause.

I haven't seen them used for long length cycles. What dosage are you on? Have a chat with a pharmacist see what they suggest

Weatherwaxed Sat 03-Aug-19 18:35:06

I'm on 2 tablets 3 times a day for 4 days.
A pharmacist is a good idea, thanks.

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Weatherwaxed Sat 03-Aug-19 18:57:16

Honestly i could cry. I really thought these tablets would fix me and now i feel like im facing another ten years of godawful periods.

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glitterbiscuits Sat 03-Aug-19 19:23:25

I wonder if taking them when your heavy days are due would work better? It would seem to me that they would be out of your system when you need them most. ( not a medic)

EllenRipley Sat 03-Aug-19 19:23:50

Oh OP, you have my sympathies! Mine never lasted quite that long, but when I was first into peri, oh god it was awful. How old are you, are you perimenopausal? Have they ruled out things like fibroids, endometriosis?

First off, if you're not taking iron, make sure you do, your iron stores will be very depleted. I have read that if that happens then you can actually bleed harder and longer, though I've no idea of the science behind that.

If you dont have anything like fibroids and aren't heading into menopause, it could be that your hormones are 'imbalanced'. I found that if I 'controlled' my estrogen then bleeding was less heavy and long. The idea of being 'estrogen dominant' is debated, but if your estrogen is 'higher' relative to your progesterone levels, it can cause heavy bleeding. I took a supplement called 'DIM' (acronym for something I can't spell) and it really helped. I also believe it stopped the growth of a small fibroid that I had. I also used a natural progesterone cream for a while, and it made my cycles longer and reduced bleeding, but you won't find many women on MN who believe it makes any difference!

I know this doesn't really answer your question, sorry! I know women for whom those meds really worked, and others who felt it made no difference.

If you haven't already, it might be worth researching causes & hormones to see if there's anything you can do.

Weatherwaxed Sat 03-Aug-19 22:53:39

I'm 39, no signs of peri menopause. Been given the all clear on fibroids and hormones irregularities.
Have had 2 children, the youngest is 4, periods were better before kids.
I have the copper coil in and that is getting removed in a couple of weeks. Maybe that will help. Maybe not.

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Coronapop Sat 03-Aug-19 22:58:54

Maybe a Mirena IUD would help.

lemurllama Sat 03-Aug-19 23:10:22

I'm slightly different to you in that although my periods last 10 days, they are EXTREMELY heavy from about days 3 to 5 due to adenomyosis. I was prescribed Tranexamic Acid and, like you, started on day 1 as advised - but all that happened was I had virtually no bleeding whilst on them and then it all came out in one go when I stopped. After talking it through with my GP, she advised me to experiment with them a bit and I now take a lower dose for a day or two longer and this means I don't have the very heavy flow but it is more steady over a number of days. (Although I'm not sure if this is quite the same issue that you have?)
I would chat to your GP and experiment with lower doses a couple of days into your cycle if possible.

Weatherwaxed Sun 04-Aug-19 00:17:58

Coronapop - i don't think I'm allowed the mirena as altho my fibroids are allegedly not causing prolonged bleeds, one is pretty fucking big - 45x 55cm appaz.

Lemurllama - it sounds like you have the heavy bit earlier in your cycle. I feel a bit like it's all coming out now post the tablets but maybe I'm just imagining it.

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