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Feel like I'm being ignored by doctors

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Flower32 Sat 03-Aug-19 12:53:24

I'm posting on the off chance someone here may have experienced similar. In short I think my scan results are being witheld from me by a hospital consultant (who I was referred to for a second opinion) because it will likely prove that the first hospital consultant i saw was incorrect about a serious medical problem as he didn't investigate properly. They are both in the same field and probably know each other fairly well. I've contacted the consultant three times via secretary over the course of 3 weeks but still no results. The scan result should have been available 4 weeks ago, so it's been sat on the system for a month and no one has told me what it shows or acted on it. I won't say exactly what it is but it's potentially a serious problem which will require surgery. It's not cancer or anything like that, they could easily tell me via letter or whatever. The first consultant basically fobbed me off when I questioned an issue in a nice way. I work in healthcare myself so I understand everything very well although I'm not a doctor. When I saw the second consultant he seemed defensive but admitted I might need surgery and ordered the scan to confirm. He said he'd refer me urgently back to the first consultant for potential surgery as the second one doesn't do that procedure, well that was a month ago and I've heard nothing from either of them. This is private medical care by the way which I've spent around £1500 on. I've just been chasing around myself trying to get the results. I went to my GP a couple of weeks ago and asked if they can get results they said try secretary first which I have done. I know legally I can request copies of my medical notes but they have 40 days to give me them. I'll have to go back to GP and see if they can have influence. I didn't think it would come to this or that patients can be treated this badly. I just feel something is up and I'm being ignored because they'd rather do that than admit fault. I'm normally a very patient person but I'm reaching the end of my tether because while all this has been going on I've been unable to work and in pain. All my friends and family think it's ridiculous too. Has anyone else been through similar?

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swingofthings Sun 04-Aug-19 10:12:29

Normal practice would be for results to go to the GP. Are you saying they are withholding it from you and the GP or that your GP is also withholding from you? Everything is possible but the most likely scenario is that the results are awaiting to be written up. These are.ot normally done by secretaries but either by software or companies, some of them in India. The letters then nned to be reviewed by the consultant before it goes out. At times, especially summer holidays due to leave, it can take up to 6 weeks or more to be sent if not urgent.

Being private probably doesn't change this.

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