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Tummy bug? Vertigo? Migraine?

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Buzzfrightyears Fri 02-Aug-19 19:28:56

Went to bed last night with a slightly blurry eye. Woke at 4am with a dull headache and waves of nausea. Headache went but nausea is horrendous. I’ve felt so bad all day. Slept almost 4 hours. My tummy feels sore and gurgling and every time I eat I feel sick, on the verge of throwing up but haven’t. I’m also a bit dizzy and the nausea is worse when I turn over in bed. I am terrified of being sick - so really hoping it’s not a bug.
Don’t know what to do for the best? Eat, drink, don’t? Try and sleep? I feel absolutely awful and can’t really put Into words how ‘ill’ I feel!

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HappyHammy Fri 02-Aug-19 19:32:34

I'd stick to water in small quantities. How is your eyesight and headache today. Are you able to take your temperature. You can call 111 for medical advice.

Buzzfrightyears Fri 02-Aug-19 19:35:18

No temp, I should’ve said sorry. I can sip; but don’t want to. I’d say I feel like you do the day AFTER you’ve had a vomiting bug - listless, no appetite, crap!

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Flower777 Fri 02-Aug-19 19:38:54

There is a type of migraine called a vestibular migraine. Really horrid. I get them sometimes.

Try and just sleep if you can. Mine would pass after 24 hrs. It was often when I was stressed.

FaithInfinity Fri 02-Aug-19 19:43:48

I find sipping coke helps when I’m passed the initial horror of a migraine (I agree it sounds like one). The caffeine can help and so does having some sugar. Low blood sugar can make you feel worse.

Buzzfrightyears Fri 02-Aug-19 19:46:46

Thank you. Once the kids are in bed I’m going to try and get downstairs and have a cold drink and some fruit pastilles (only thing I fancy!!!) I’m hoping as I’ve had 16 hours of nausea now.. it’s not a bug.

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HappyHammy Fri 02-Aug-19 20:25:22

nausea and feeling dizzy is horrible, could you get ooh doctor to prescribe you something for it.

Buzzfrightyears Fri 02-Aug-19 21:45:24

I actually have stemetil from a bout of vertigo which started while I was pregnant. However they give me an upset tummy and drowsiness and I don’t need either of those right now grin I will take them if I get desperate. I’ve just had some water, and some toast, and now I’m going to bed. Hopefully it’ll be better in the morning! Thank you all flowers

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