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Is this a normal level of exhaustion or thyroid issues?

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ButterflyWitch Fri 02-Aug-19 17:01:17

Before anyone suggests it - I know I can go to GP and get blood tests - but I am phobic about getting my bloods taken. Not just 'don't like it' but full on phobia. Have had hypnotherapy etc - nothing has worked.

So - I don't know if I am just a busy Mum who eats badly with kids who are poor sleepers or if my levels of exhaustion are due to medical issues such as thyroid problems.

My symptoms would be exhaustion/depression/brain fog etc. 8kg weight gain in past few months despite exercising twice a week (personal trainer) and improving my nutrition. When I say exhaustion I mean complete and utter 'can't get out of bed or string a sentence together' levels.

Always had this to some extent but much worse since having DC1 6 years ago.

Is there anything I could try without having to go to GP? Are there any tell-tale symptoms that would suggest thyroid issues rather than just lifestyle?

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ToLiveInPeace Fri 02-Aug-19 18:59:53

For that level of exhaustion, I really think you should see your GP to explore what's causing this. I'm so sorry - I'm just the same about dentists so I understand your phobia.

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