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Big toe pain

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AlmondVanilla Thu 01-Aug-19 16:59:49

I know I will need to go to the GP but I suppose I just want to see if anyone here has had similar and what it turned out to be.

I've noticed one of my big toes locks up sometimes - it could be once in a week or a few times a day. It's not at the base joint, the locked sensation and the accompanying pain are in the middle one. Sometimes it seems not to fully 'lock' but I get a brief stab of pain for a split second (and then feel relief that it didn't actually freeze). When I cannot move it, it can last from a few seconds to a few minutes - usually I have to use my hands to manually ease the toe into a different position and it's made me whimper. It also can happen when I am walking or stationary it seems (well, even shifting my foot slightly while sitting can cause it to happen so small or large movements don't seem to change it). If it happens while I am walking I can't roll my feet properly because of the pain, it just goes so stiff, and I end up walking with one flat foot until it subsides.

I am in my early 20s and have a healthy BMI, though I'm probably not as fit as I should be. I don't know if that matters.

Anybody had similar? I am worried it could be arthritis sad

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AlmondVanilla Fri 02-Aug-19 08:55:06


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