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What should I do about this

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Gruntvsgunt Thu 01-Aug-19 15:04:57

I have this on my thigh . Throbbing, boiling to touch and had been like this but growing slightly each day for 3-4 days .

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FadedRed Thu 01-Aug-19 15:10:17

Looks like an insect or spider bite, heat and throbbing is indicative of inflammation/infection, so you need to see a doctor/walk in centre/ minor injuries. You could start with your local Pharmacist, but likely he/she will sign post you on.

thinkingcapon Thu 01-Aug-19 15:18:40

Tick bite? Sorry I can't quite make out the pic

Gruntvsgunt Thu 01-Aug-19 15:30:32

Not sure what bit me.
I hadn’t thought of pharmacy. It doesn’t seem urgent enough for GP and pharmacy had completely slipped my mind. Thank you x

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Whistle73 Thu 01-Aug-19 15:41:53

I've just been to the pharmacy with hot, sore and itchy back of leg from insect bites and was advised to get hydrocortisone cream, which has already helped a bit!

tinkywinkyshandbag Thu 01-Aug-19 21:50:29

In short term take antihistamine tablet then get it looked at asap. Have you been walking through any long grass or in wooded areas? Could it be a tick bite? Looks like you might need antibiotics. Draw a line round it so you can see if the red area grows.

INeedNewShoes Thu 01-Aug-19 21:53:26

If the affected area is growing rather than reducing it would be wise to get it checked out.

PeoniesarePink Thu 01-Aug-19 21:58:48

I get horse fly bites that go like that. Horribly itchy and painful/throbbing and usually needing antibiotics to sort out. I also feel vile and get dreadful palpitations with them. I've got some horrid scarring on my legs from the feckers.

Gruntvsgunt Thu 01-Aug-19 23:34:51

Thank you all. I’ll try and see a doc soon.

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Alislia17 Fri 02-Aug-19 04:11:59

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

tinkywinkyshandbag Sun 04-Aug-19 20:04:09

@Gruntvsgunt how did you get on?

Gruntvsgunt Sun 04-Aug-19 20:51:54

@tinkywinkyshandbag thank you for asking that is super kind. I went to chemist and got some hydrocortisone cream. The swelling and throbbing has stopped and it’s all looking much better now. Thanks again x

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tinkywinkyshandbag Sun 04-Aug-19 20:58:18

@Gruntvsgunt jolly good!

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