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Anyone broken their scaphoid? Not healing well 🙁

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Cantaloupeisland Wed 31-Jul-19 17:58:38

Broke my scaphoid bone six weeks ago in a car accident. Arm has been in cast since and was removed today. X ray showed it's not healing that well and I've been given a splint to wear for the next six weeks. I understand that healing can be quite tricky with these bones due to poor blood supply but just feeling a bit down about it all - I'm a musician so am losing out on work as well. Anyone got any experience of breaking this pesky bone?

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Mummyto2munchkins Wed 31-Jul-19 18:02:56

I have broken my scaphoid OP, in cast for 6 weeks, then had the splint for a further 8 weeks I think. I then had physiotherapy and wax baths. Albeit a painful recovery I am now fine! (was half way through my graphic design degree at the time too!) PM me if you would like any other information smile

Cantaloupeisland Wed 31-Jul-19 18:32:19

Thank you 🙂 the Dr did explain they have a much higher risk of non union because of the crap blood supply. Had yours healed once the cast came off? I'm not sure whether I should be trying to keep it still in the splint or not. Obviously it's lovely to finally be able to get it wet! also it's not my writing hand which is good, but then I'm a drummer 😫

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Mummyto2munchkins Wed 31-Jul-19 20:05:42

No they never mentioned that to me. Although they did mention about referral for surgery, but I didn't go ahead with it. The wax baths are good! Take the stress out of the hand and also leaves it super smooth! Took me a good few months to build my muscle strength in my hand up again though. Just take it easy and try not to over do it. Easier said than done I know.

Cantaloupeisland Wed 31-Jul-19 21:52:54

Don't suppose you know where yours was broken? Mine is in the classic spot right across the middle. The break goes about three quarters of the way across. I couldn't move my wrist at all when the cast came off and a bit alarmed that with another six weeks not moving it it'll be in a right state! Had no idea such a small bone could be such a pain!

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Mummyto2munchkins Wed 31-Jul-19 22:17:49

I can't remember it was good 8 years ago now. Sorry!
I couldn't move mine either, they did tell me to lift my hand up and lower it and touch my thumb to my little finger a few times a day. Was a good few weeks before I could move it properly. I still have a few issues now and then where it goes weak and I drop things but I think that maybe due to me not being referred for the surgery. (I didn't want to be in cast again and go through the recovery a second time round)

Devonishome1 Wed 31-Jul-19 23:46:17

I have a suspected fractured scaphoid that happened last Wednesday. I went to A&E they did an X-ray but it didn’t confirm a fracture. They put me in a splint and I went to the hand clinic yesterday. They still don’t know so put me in a cast. I have a ct scan on the 8th but my next appointment to get the results is the 3rd September!

Cantaloupeisland Thu 01-Aug-19 08:39:49

Devon what a nightmare! I was 'lucky' in that it showed up straight away on x Ray as I'd been through a big trauma. Ct scan should definitely confirm - ask the radiographer when you're there.they did one on me that showed a 3d image of my hand which was amazing! 🙂

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jagack Thu 01-Aug-19 08:47:00

Broke mine when I was 17.

Was in plaster for thirteen weeks but they took me out of plaster and checked the break and re-posintioned my thumb each time (I broke it half and then those bits of the half into lots of little bits).

It still looked a bit ropey on an x-ray five years ago but apart from when it's really cold, I don't get any pain.

Cantaloupeisland Thu 01-Aug-19 09:12:30

Wow, amazing they didn't operate on such a nasty break! My thumb has been free all along, even in the cast, which I did wonder about but apparently recent research had shown no benefit of casting the thumb as well

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MountainDweller Thu 29-Aug-19 23:49:19

Hi Canteloupe, I hope you don't mind me reviving your thread smile How are you now?

And Devon how is yours feeling?

I have a suspected scaphoid fracture but my X-Ray isn't clear. I've been sent away with a brace for 2 weeks - if it doesn't feel better after that I will have an MRI.

I am freaking out beacause my Dr said 12 weeks in plaster if it's broken shock I live in the middle of nowhere with no public transport... and it's my left hand and I'm left handed sad

It's not even that painful. How were both of yours at the beginning, were they very painful? I slipped and fell in the rain and wouldn't have even bothered with the doctor if my physio hadn't looked at told me I needed an X-ray.

Cantaloupeisland Fri 30-Aug-19 15:41:48

Hi Mountain 🙂 sorry to hear about your possible break! I'm still immobilized, has been nearly eleven weeks now. My next review is next week where I'm praying it will be healed, if not they might have to look at bone grafts which would be a massive pain. The muscles in my arm have wasted from being immobilized for so long which feels pretty weird! It is annoying but you do get used to being one handed.
Mine wasn't massively painful but then I was in a road accident and had significantly worse injuries. I know they can take a while to show on x ray - do keep it in the brace as it'll take longer to heal if it is broken and you've been moving it! flowers

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MountainDweller Fri 30-Aug-19 21:37:47

Hi Canteloupe, thanks for replying. I really hope you get good news next week and that you are recovering from the other injuries. I had a cast after ankle surgery and remember the muscle wastage... it was bizarre the way my leg shrunk in the cast.

Thanks for the nudge about the brace - I really hate it and I feel like I'm fighting it all the time. Am allowed to take it off for showering and icing but finding it hard to stick to!

Cantaloupeisland Wed 04-Sep-19 20:51:34

Just an update, had x ray today and whilst not completely healed I got the ok to get the brace off and start physio, so pleased! So it's been nearly twelve weeks totally immobilized and will now be a good few months of physio, I can't move my wrist at all at the moment. Let us know how you get on Mountain 🙂

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QOD Wed 04-Sep-19 20:56:41

Urgh you poor things! I also had a suspected scaphoid fracture but they’re veering toward tendonitis now
I fell over in my own damn kitchen so I can’t even claim 😂
I also did actually break my kneecap and now, 35 days on, my knee cap is displaced. MRI Friday and consultant next week.
Thirty. Five. Days. Sat. On. The. Sofa.
Full length leg splint and wrist one too 👍🏻

Cantaloupeisland Wed 04-Sep-19 21:56:50

ouch! that must be so hard! Can you get around at all? When I was out of hospital I had to inject myself with blood thinners every day as I'd been immobile for a while, grim!

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QOD Wed 04-Sep-19 23:05:35

Yeah I’ve been allowed to weight bear thankfully so I’m able to potter about. Can’t work though as I can’t sleep and it hurts periodically and also it’s not safe. My leg is rigid and I swear about a foot longer as the splint is thigh to ankle. I don’t need injections as my ankle is mobile.
Soooo boring

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