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Stretched mole in/after pregnancies?

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eatmyshorts89 Wed 31-Jul-19 13:35:44

Hi looking for some advice.

I have had 5 children and have severely stretched loose skin on my belly it's awful hmm

I have a mole that's under my belly button, it's always been there, I remember having my daughter 5 years ago it got big then became irregular etc, after she was born it just looked like a circle on a deflated balloon. I had my son 10 weeks ago, and I got very big with him bigger than ever and it got huge the bigger I got, again it looks deflated almost speckled around the edges and irregular it also has stretch marks running through it and has moved position towards side of belly guessing with the loose skin.

Anybody else had something similar?? I'm going doctors and requesting it be biopsied anyway, it never bothered me until I got health anxiety confused

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Footle Wed 31-Jul-19 19:26:45

What advice? You're doing exactly the right thing - taking it to the GP. Good luck!

PuellaPuellaePuellam Wed 31-Jul-19 19:56:13

@eatmyshorts89 well done going to GP.

Lots of reasons to be encouraged, though, that it is likely to be fine. Pregnancy is well known for changing moles. Plus most dodgy looking ones turn out to be fine anyway. So don't panic.

Hope it goes well

eatmyshorts89 Wed 31-Jul-19 20:05:28

@PuellaPuellaePuellam yes this is true, I don't feel it's changed, apart from whitest I was pregnant and it was massive but it's gone back down now just looks dodgy. Thankyou for replying when you look on google you only ever see the bad stuff, which is great to make you aware but that's all you can ever find hmm

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