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Skin tag question

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Loooper Tue 30-Jul-19 21:57:47

Went to the doctor's last week about something unrelated and happened to mention a skin tag I have under my arm. She sent me in to the nurse, who tied a piece of thread around it and told me that it would drop off in a few days. It's been a week now and the bloody thing is still there, tied up with black string. It's slightly sore and I have a lump like a mosquito bite behind the thread. I popped in on Monday to show the nurse but she was very vague and just repeated that it will drop off. The thing is, I'm going on holiday on Thursday and don't want the stupid thing to get infected. Also, it looks grim, like a long black hair, not what I wanted for my holiday angry
Does anyone have any experience of these? Should I just leave it alone or should I chop the fecker off with nail scissors?! I've got it covered in tea tree oil at the moment in the hope that it will speed the process up.

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