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Bulging Disc Nerve Pain

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jimmyjimmy7 Tue 30-Jul-19 21:50:00

Hi Folks,

Hope you doing okay.

I have recently been diagnosed with a bulging disc that is impinging on my left nerve root, causing sciatica. I have been to loads of private physiotherapists as the NHS physiotherapist was very poor, i just wanted to get out of pain. All seem to give mixed advice, but i am awaiting a referral to a pain clinic from my GP too, as the pain down my leg makes me very depressed.

However i wondered what exercises i can do, as some physiotherapists state its hard work but over 6 months to 1 year the disc bulge can go back. What types of exercises do i need to be working on please? Some physiotherapists have given me strengthening exercises, some have told me to use a lumbar stretching device. Some have told me to focus on McKenzie exercises, however i really do not want to worsen anything.

Thank you for any help you can give to try and get me out of pain. I appreciate your time reading my comments.


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Allli Tue 30-Jul-19 22:10:42

I’ve had a few occasions when something’s ‘gone’ in my back. I was in agony. Got opiates on prescription for the pain. They dented it but I was still in agony. I found that nhs physios gave me exercises to strengthen the muscles to hold the injured bit in the correct place, but unless I went to a chiropractor first, I was in agony for many, many weeks, as a bit of something was still in the wrong place when the physios were treating me, and until it was placed back in its correct place by the chiro it hurt. Then the physio’s exercises keep it there. The nhs will tell you there is no proof that chiropractors work but in my experience they do. Providing you keep up with the physio exercises to keep the newly returned but in the correct place, or it will just come out again! However, it could be that I had a different problem to yours and a chiro may not help, but it gave me instant relief. I got mine on groupon, 3 sessions £50, they were great. I hope whatever you try helps you soon. Back pain is agony.

Minnie747 Wed 07-Aug-19 12:20:37

A chiropractor would be able to asses it’s safe to (and treat you). Definitely your best bet, as the nervous and musculoskeletal systems are their specialism.

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