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UTI question?

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worried63xx Tue 30-Jul-19 21:37:51

Hi all,

I have a suspected UTI. Doc gave me antibiotics without testing my wee last week and they didn't help. Came back today she tested my wee and it came back with leukocytes and protein so now shes put me on cefalexin for 7 days. Im having awful back and pelvic pain around kidney area.

My question is is protein in the urine a sign of a UTI too? Its got me a bit worried. And is it
normal for initial antibiotics not to work and having to get new ones? Shes going to send the sample to the lab but unsure how long that will take.

Heres me thinking a UTI felt like a bit of pain when weeing I didnt realise it could hurt this much!

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Rentwinmama Tue 30-Jul-19 23:45:26

Hey, it sounds like your UTI could have progressed to a kidney infection. I developed one while I was pregnant and the pain was so intense I had to call 111. It usually requires stronger antibiotics to clear, not sure about the protein in the urine though, but if it does help I had protein in my urine every time my urine was tested and it was always sent to the lab but came back fine every time. At least about 5/6 times. Hope that helps x

lazymoz Tue 30-Jul-19 23:48:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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