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12 yr old 24hrs unable to keep down fluids.

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TitsalinaBumSquash Tue 30-Jul-19 18:01:41

Hear me out this isn't a thread where my kids is critically unwell and I'm asking here when I should be taking him to hospital.

Brief history - My eldest DC is already in hospital for a routine admission and whilst he was in he became unwell with a headache getting worse every hour and then constant vomiting, he was given IV fluids and IV paracetamol and made a recovery in 2 days, the hospital took a viral sample from the back of his nose and isolated an Entobactor virus and said it was viral meningitis.

However, it's a week later and my second born has the same symptoms but don't have the ease of already being in hospital with a central line for treatment.
It's 24 hrs now that he's hasn't kept fluids down for even a short time and can't keep pain relief down so is in a lot of pain with his head.
I've tried giving him tiny sips or ice lollies but nothing has worked.
Since it's viral I know it will self limit and go but do you think I should call 111 tonight and see if he can have IV fluids or is it too soon for that? My views may be skewed due to my eldest son.

He's alert, not particularly sleepy so I'm not worried he's seriously dehydrated to a dangerous level but I equally don't want him to get there.

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AtleastitsnotMonday Tue 30-Jul-19 19:23:39

You poor thing, sounds like you’ve got a hell of a lot going on and I think you are entirely reasonable to call 111. 24hrs with no fluids is a long time and he will be feeling crap and dehydration will only exacerbate a headache. Is he still weeing at all? Does he have a temp?

SnotandBothered Tue 30-Jul-19 19:26:55

I've had Viral Meningitis (twice) and if nothing else, the dehydration will exasperate the headache which is truly hideous. I'd call 111 for that reason, if no other. You poor thing.

Amiable Tue 30-Jul-19 19:27:38

The viral may well self limit, but if he has not managed to keep even water down there is a serious risk of dehydration. Call 111.

Chartreuser Tue 30-Jul-19 19:28:31

Are you doing the 5ml every 5 mins? Tbh I would normally say treat at home but given the possibility of viral meningitis I think seeking medical advice would be prudent. Esp as the shootings are similar to bacterial and they may want to test to confirm. And they can offer him more to manage it, being self-limiting doesn't mean it's not uncomfortable.

flowers for you all

Chartreuser Tue 30-Jul-19 19:28:53


TitsalinaBumSquash Tue 30-Jul-19 19:54:04

He's gone to a&e with his Dad after going down hill (neck ache and dizziness) I will follow as soon as I am relieved from my work. We did do the 5mls every 5 mins to no avail.

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AtleastitsnotMonday Tue 30-Jul-19 20:43:08

Fingers crossed for your ds, good call op.

Nogodsnomasters Tue 30-Jul-19 21:44:42

Any news on your poor son op? You must be worried sick xx

TitsalinaBumSquash Tue 30-Jul-19 21:50:21

I've arrived and typically he's managed to keep 5mls down every 5mins the Dr here thinks it's a migraine despite me explaining the situ with DS1 upstairs. DS is just curled in a ball crying, the paracetamol they have him with his 5mls of fluid haven't touched the sides. I feel lit will be a long night.

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justasking111 Tue 30-Jul-19 21:55:16

Oh you poor things. It will be a long night.

WouldYouLikeAnOmlette Tue 30-Jul-19 22:09:10

So his brother has viral meningitis.... he's got a lot of the symptoms but the doctor thinks migraine? confused

AppleDump Tue 30-Jul-19 22:17:59

@WouldYouLikeAnOmlette I was thinking the same.

Ask for a second opinion. Hope he feels better soon x

TitsalinaBumSquash Wed 31-Jul-19 11:51:29

Sorry for the late reply. I did have to push the issue with the Dr about DS1 and eventually they put a some fluids up and gave him some IV paracetamol and as predicted he feels so much better today so he can come home again and continue oral pain relief and fluids and he can eat again now too.

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SnotandBothered Wed 31-Jul-19 23:32:54

Hope they are both on the mend now @TitsalinaBumSquash

Even though it's 'just' the viral version, it's still really horrible. The first time I got it, I was bedridden for five weeks. Most sick I've ever been in my life.

TitsalinaBumSquash Thu 01-Aug-19 09:29:46

I had something similar about 3 weeks ago, but mine was a thunderclap headache that knocked me off my feet and left me with mild swelling on the brain, vomiting and light phobia, it was terrifying and I genuinely thought I was dying. I spent a week on the emergency floor of the hospital but although they ruled out bacterial meningitis they didn't do any viral swabs and I wonder if I started the chain of it going though the family.

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snotandbothered Mon 05-Aug-19 16:12:31

It's possible. The first time I had it was by far the worst - hospital for 5 days, bed at parents for 5 weeks, but i am pretty sure that was partly down to the lumbar puncture not being done properly. I had a junior doctor who confessed it was his first (at that point my head was so bad I'd have let a giraffe do it), and we think an air bubble travelled to my brain. The pain I had for the next five weeks is beyond anything I've ever had before or since (childbirth - no pain relief x 2 and migraines x 100). Apparently they could have fixed it with a blood patch but nobody mentioned this at the time. It still makes me angry.

The second time i was in hospital for about four days and then home in bed for another week. I never had a rash and had terrible vomiting with one episode but not the other. It's not always cut and dry symptom wise - so yes, you could have had it and your DC could have had various strains of it.

Anyway - hope you are ALL feeling better now.

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