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Gum biopsy

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rainrainsun Tue 30-Jul-19 09:26:04

Any dentists about? I had root canal work with a crown approx 18 months ago.

A while before then I noticed white patches along the that part of the gum which dentist couldn't identify but thought might be some sort of reaction to a toothpaste (although I never use the same one so unlikely), or trauma caused by teeth grinding. The grinding caused the need for the root canal.

Anyway i have noticed over the last few months a particular white patch where the crowned tooth and gum meet which has developed into a raised cluster of white cells.

I have been referred for a biopsy and you can imagine what's whirling round my mind. The max-face dentist doesn't think it's sinister but I am now really worried.

Trying to keep things in perspective there has been a lot of movement in that tooth and am wondering if it's some kind of trauma caused by a failed root canal. The dentist said it was now just routine to refer prior to taking any action of remedial tooth work or just removing it and wasn't overly concerned confused

I know it's stupid to ask for a medical diagnosis via DR Mumsnet but would sincerely appreciate any thoughts or if anyone has experience of this.

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