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namechange10005 Mon 29-Jul-19 12:54:12

For the last 4/5 months everytime I stand up or sit down, my coccyx is absolute agony. I read online that it should just go with time. Has anyone had this? I'm only 22 and I don't know how I injured it but i dread having to stand up from a seated position?

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FrappeLatte Mon 29-Jul-19 12:57:04

See a physio. My pelvis was out of alignment for years and I felt pain in my coccyx. The physio will be able to refer you for scans etc if they think something else may be wrong.

namechange10005 Mon 29-Jul-19 13:01:39

@FrappeLatte what did they do to help you with this? X

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FrappeLatte Mon 29-Jul-19 15:09:52

She basically manipulated it back into place and then I’ve been doing lots of work to strengthen the muscles to support it, as they are very weak where they have been in the wrong position for god knows how long.

Minnie747 Wed 07-Aug-19 12:30:18

I had coccyx pain for months with no real onset/cause. Chiropractic care resolved it.

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