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Dowagers Hump

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BadassBusty Sun 28-Jul-19 21:28:03

I'm mid thirties and have a Dowagers Hump :-(. I didn't know it had a name until I started to have a Google a few months ago but I really hate it.

Has anyone successfully reduced theirs by improving their posture or doing any exercises?? I'm overweight by about 2-3 stone which doesn't help and have very large boobs too!

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Gingernaut Sun 28-Jul-19 21:31:35

Lose weight and try to sort out the osteoporosis.

Gingernaut Sun 28-Jul-19 21:35:57

QueenBeee Sun 28-Jul-19 21:39:36

There's loads of similar YouTube videos if you search for exercises for bad posture but the best thing I found was taking up yoga. Not particularly advanced stuff but do 20 mins 3 Times a week or a couple of classes and you will help your spine.

hugoagogo Sun 28-Jul-19 21:40:51

That's a bit blunt ginger
I don't know the answer, but am interested as I think I might have one too.

BadassBusty Sun 28-Jul-19 21:58:04

Haha ginger thank you for that. Post baby weight is still hanging around but I'm working on it but I'm pretty sure I had it before the extra weight....?!

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moreismore Sun 28-Jul-19 22:01:32

I’m not sure weight loss will help significantly. I have seen them on slender people. Probably most beneficial will be improving posture so stretching chest muscles and neck muscles and strengthening muscles between your shoulder blades. Improve your core strength. They are more common than you’d think.

Aquamarine1029 Sun 28-Jul-19 22:03:29

Weight loss and posture exercises. I recommend working hard so this isn't permanent.

MoverOfPaper Sun 28-Jul-19 22:05:23

Pilates helps quite a bit. It’s not an instant solution but does help. I go to a weekly class and mines diminished. If I could be bothered to do daily exercises by myself or could afford to go twice weekly I bet I’d get rid of it.
I don’t have osteoporosis (apparently) just big boobs and that slightly shy introverted shoe gazing posture.

ShagMeRiggins Sun 28-Jul-19 22:06:30

Alexander technique

Not all are necessary, but at least one. It’s correctable, but you must commit to doing simple exercises every day.

picklemepopcorn Sun 28-Jul-19 22:12:03

Look up exercises for Upper Cross syndrome. They will help. It's worth trying to improve the circulation to the area- mine definitely improves if I rub it. Otherwise, it gets cold.

YetAnotherThing Sun 28-Jul-19 22:13:18

have you been diagnosed or investigated formally for osteoporosis, or do you just have ‘bad posture’? If you haven’t been investigated for osteoporosis go see your gp. Assuming all ok, Pilates etc

VictoriaBun Sun 28-Jul-19 22:16:51

My nan had one and whenever I see someone or read about it, I suddenly sit ram rod straight with shoulders back !

TwattingDog Sun 28-Jul-19 22:21:45

Kyphosis - as opposed to a Dowagers Hump which is caused by osteoporosis (aka brittle bone disease) is very common.

Mine is a hereditary spinal malformation and therefore permanent. I hate it.

However Pilates makes a HUGE difference. I just need to practice it more!

XenakisCarter Sun 28-Jul-19 22:23:42

Stooping involves a bit of tortoise-necking. Try to imagine the back of your head being in line with your back, instead of moving forward.

PickAChew Sun 28-Jul-19 22:25:33

Rather unfair Internet diagnosis, Gingernaut. Kyphosis can also be a consequence of joint hypermobility.

Gingernaut Sun 28-Jul-19 23:44:44

OP said Dowager's hump, not kyphosis.

PickAChew Mon 29-Jul-19 00:37:41

OP is mid 30s and in all likelihood well nourished so is probably kyphosis.

avocadochocolate Mon 29-Jul-19 05:57:19


It is all about core strength and posture.

Find a small class in a local hall with no more than 12 people in it so the instructor can give you proper attention. I would also strongly consider booking a few 1-2-1 sessions, including a personal programme that you can do at home. You need to get this sorted OP otherwise it will give you no end of problems when you are older. It can be done though!

avocadochocolate Mon 29-Jul-19 05:57:47

Failing that, try a physio referral from your GP.

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