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Slightly elevated basophil

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Kimbles12 Sun 28-Jul-19 19:40:30

Hi, last year I had a blood test as I was paranoid about the glands in My neck. Got a blood test and results showed slightly elevated platelets. Had a repeat blood test about 4 weeks after that and platelets back to normal but basophil was very slightly raised. Doctor wasn’t concerned and said Maybe due to infection. I told her I had a cold sore at the time of repeat blood test. Fast forward a year and go to see another Doctor about something else. Whilst there I start panic about the blood test I had, and mention this to her. She checked and said to get a repeat to see how things are. I have done the worst thing and googled why it might be raised!! Well now I’m convinced it’s bad news and the next lot of blood results are going to be bad. My anxiety has started to go sky high again and feel like My throat is tightening again, same as last year when I was going through bad anxiety.
Has anyone else been through this?
Kim XX

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Kimbles12 Mon 29-Jul-19 12:15:25

Had My blood test this morning. Still panicking about what the results will be. Trying not to think the worst but convinced it’s going to be bad news.

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