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Two different eye test results - what to do?

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nopinkprincess Sun 28-Jul-19 16:30:46

Hello dear mumsnetters,
I have a question because I have had two different eye test results and I am now not sure what to do. I have had reading glasses from a big high street chain for a few years. Last November I went back for a set of new glasses, but felt that the reading glasses I was prescribed were not right for me. Because I am a teacher and I am constantly taking my glasses on and off during class I decided that varifocal glasses will be a better solution for me anyway and went back for a new eye test. This was done very quickly even though I had stated my problems with current my reading glasses. I then went to another big high street name and came out with a different result. I then went on the which website and they said there often unreliable I am not sure what to do.. is there anyone who has experience or can point me in the right direction?

Here are the two results:
1st eyetest result: Right eye: SPH +1.25 / CYL -0.50 Axis: 15.0 Near +1.00 and Inter +0.50
Left eye: +1.00 CYL- 0.25 Axis 175.0 and Near +1.00 and Inter +0.50

Second eye test result:
Right Sphere +1.00 Cyl: 0.25 Axis 180
Left Spere + 1.00 Cyl: l DS (I think) Reading addition + 1.00 and
Distance acuity in both eyes: 6/4.5 (I think) and Near acuity in both eyes I can quite read but I think the second letter might be a 5.

Thank you very much in advance...

Arnoldthecat Sun 28-Jul-19 22:06:37

Eye tests are very subjective and of course rely a lot on the feedback of the person in the chair i.e you.

I wonder if you have considered daily contact lenses? These can be set to what is known as monovision where one is optimised for distance and the other is biased slightly so that reading is better. In this way you can seamlessly do both.

underneaththeash Mon 29-Jul-19 12:17:17

It’s not an exact science OP. Sometimes patients fall within two lenses and we decide whether the slightly higher or slightly lower result is best. Both those results are about the same, you can use either.
I would use the result from the optician you chose to buy the glasses from. With varifocals, the position of the lens within the frame is vital to be able to see clearly, sometimes, you need to try an alternative type of varifocal.

nopinkprincess Mon 29-Jul-19 22:36:40

Thank you both for your answers. That makes a lot of sense. I really did not know who to ask, so it's amazing to get an answer here. I normally don't start threads but often look up things by searching for it.
Hadn't considered contacts, arnold, will look into it as a result of your post. thanks again.. have a good evening smile

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