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Bowel symptoms

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Catchingtiddlers Sat 27-Jul-19 17:35:20

Have name changed for this as it's outing. Never had bowel problems before, in fact it's a family joke that I can eat anything and it never upsets me. I had food poisoning in February probably from some reheated rice, giving me d &v which settled very quickly on its own, but was pretty awful. No idea if this is relevant or not.

In April we went abroad for a couple of months (mainland Europe). The last 2 weeks I had diarrhoea, which continued for another 2 weeks back at home. Then was completely fine for 3 weeks.

As soon as we came away again, it started up, sometimes with loads of mucous but never blood) with vague abdominal discomfort. And it's been 5 weeks now. Fab health service here, all my bloods are perfect, no blood or infection in stool and GP gave me a couple of standard diarrhoea treatments and referred me. Have now seen a gastro Dr, and have antibiotics, plus having a colonoscopy and endoscopy in 3 weeks which they do under GA here, hurray! Am 58, had a routine screening sigmoidoscopy 2 years ago which was fine.

Thing is though, am petrified its cancer. My DM, both PiL and best friend have all recently died from cancer and it feels like it's my turn now. Am normally very logical but the waiting is unbearable. Sorry this was so long, but does anyone but any words of comfort? Thank you so much.

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NoSauce Sat 27-Jul-19 23:13:43

Hi OP, I’m sorry you’re so worried, I think it’s understandable when people we love have died from cancer, I’m really flowers

Please be reassured somewhat that some of your tests so far have come back normal and that you don’t have to wait too long for your further tests. I hope everything turns out all fine for you.

NoSauce Sat 27-Jul-19 23:14:21

I missed of sorry ( sorry! )

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