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Tingling sensation then sharp pain around shoulder blade

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MrsMaow Sat 27-Jul-19 16:00:43

Whenever I move my arm I get a tingly sensation just below and next to my shoulder blade, the more I move my arm the worse it gets and then changes into a sharp pain. Reaching forward is the worse, up and to the side still cause the sensation but it takes longer to start and intensify. It also happens when I bend over for a while and gets bad very quickly if I combine the 2 - eg reaching into the dishwasher, washing machine, general caring for an 8 month old baby.

It also starts tingling within a few minutes if I’m not moving my arm or bending, just holding my baby, or carrying shopping.

When I’m sat or laid down resting the tingling/pain gradually reduces and eventually disappears until next time I do something to trigger it.

Several GP’s and a spinal consultant have been useless, I’ve has a spinal MRI which showed no abnormalities. It’s been going on for 10 months now and really getting me down, I can’t play with my baby very well and don’t really go out because of how much it hurts to get us both ready. I feel like a horrible mum as I love my daughter so much but also dread picking her up/feeding/playing etc

Any ideas? Has anyone had similar symptoms and got a diagnosis and maybe even successful treatment?


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