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Undescended testis

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DettaJnr Tue 31-Jul-07 20:11:58

My 6yr old son had an inguinal hernia at 11 wks which compromised his right testis. He says that it hasn't dropped since last summer.

It's not painful or bothering him.

Should I wait till he's older to do something about this or should I sort it out now?

clayre Tue 31-Jul-07 20:12:47

no sort it out now! its not safe where it is!!

DettaJnr Tue 31-Jul-07 20:20:59

I thought that might be the case.

I've to go to GP for myself tomorrow so I shall mention it to him then.


Leati Tue 31-Jul-07 20:24:39


You are definitely doing the right thing by taking him in. It is better to be safe about something like this.

DettaJnr Tue 31-Jul-07 20:31:52

Years ago I worked at the Royal Marsden Hosp in the department where they dealt with testicular issues so am aware that this can be dangerous.

Ta for your replies.

littlefrog Tue 31-Jul-07 20:43:05

seriously, get this sorted as quick as you can - can lead to permanent untreatable infertility (only if in both testes though)

DettaJnr Tue 31-Jul-07 20:50:55

Littlefrog, thanks.

It's only in his right testis. They did tell us at the time that it may not descend or grow.

My husband, ironically, has antisperm antibodies so we know only too well about infertility... However, we do have 3 children now.

fizzylemonade Wed 01-Aug-07 13:31:33

It isn't only about infertitlity it is also an increased risk of testicular cancer. My son had this but had operation when he was 10 months old (they normally wait until they are 1 to see if they descend themselves but we had added problems)

Hope all went well at the docs.

Pruners Wed 01-Aug-07 13:34:30

Message withdrawn

clayre Fri 03-Aug-07 12:42:48

how did you get on at the dr?

DettaJnr Sun 05-Aug-07 22:41:22

Clayre, Dr examined him and said that he could feel something that could be described as an atrophied testis. He gave me a referral letter for Urologist at local childrens hospital.

I plan to take it there myself (don't trust post!) and find out how long we have to wait to be seen. It's not urgent at least.

Shall update when I've more news.

cobnut Fri 31-Aug-07 18:43:41

my son is due for opp on undecended testis oct 23 surgon said he needs two opps to bring it down anyone know why

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