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Has anyone managed to reduce their HBA1c in 6 weeks?

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lisbet679 Fri 26-Jul-19 21:06:03

And if so by how much did you reduce it by?

I was tested a while back and was pre-diabetic, and have tried pretty hard to not eat sugar/white carbs etc for the last 6 weeks. But haven't managed 100%

Had another blood test yesterday,and have everything crossed that it has come down a bit.

I'm in the healthy BMI range, but had lost around 4lbs eating healthier.

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Montybojangles Fri 26-Jul-19 22:59:23

Generally it’s best to wait 12 weeks between HbA1c tests, as the red cells have an average 12 weeks turnover. It’s these that transport glucose, so if you retest sooner than 12 weeks you are measuring some of the same batch of red cells you measured in the last test. On the plus side, if it’s coming down then you know that in a further 6 weeks the result should be even lower if you stick at what you are doing. Good luck.

Sunnydays999 Sat 27-Jul-19 19:39:05

What are the results ? My husband is going something similar

lisbet679 Fri 02-Aug-19 18:13:03

Hi - it wasn't my choice to have it repeated in 6 weeks. That was the doctor who had asked for a repeat blood test. I have reduced it from 6.1 to 6.0 but that is still in the pre-diabetic range, and the surgery has made an appointment for me to see diabetic nurse.

Trying to stick to a low carb diet and cutting out all sugar.

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cranstonmanor Fri 02-Aug-19 19:42:28

Well, it could just be that you are developing diabetes. Plenty of diabetics can't control their levels on diet alone.

Did they test the morning glucose as well? Or only the hba1c?

allthegoodusernameshavegone Fri 02-Aug-19 19:48:41

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 3 years ago, I had an eye test and foot test and was sent to a diabetic education day. Since then I have just carried on with no medication and no further tests, do you get called up or am I supposed to test my own blood? I feel fine and happy to carry on as I am but other people seem to have these HBA1c tests regularly?

lisbet679 Sat 03-Aug-19 09:14:51

@cranstonmanor - no morning/fasting glucose test, just HBA1c

@allthegoodusernames - I would have guessed you should have an HBA1c yearly at the bare minimum. I would double check with your GP surgery.

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Tatiannatomasina Sat 03-Aug-19 09:23:28

Research keto and stick to it. No excuses, that should seriously reduce your HbA1c. I was diagnosed by a fasting reading of 6.1, and my hba1c is now 5.1 but I NEVER cheat. Get a blood glucose meter and check yourself everyday before and after each meal to keep yourself accountable. I love my eyesight and my toes more than I love cake, its that simple for me. Research diabetic complications if you are not convinced.

Oblomov19 Sat 03-Aug-19 09:26:45

Low carb and never cheat and your next Hb1ac will be better. T1 on a pump here.

lisbet679 Sat 03-Aug-19 09:37:24

@Tatiannatomasina - you are so right on this - ie never cheating etc. My dad had type 2 diabetes and sadly I know the consequences can be harsh.

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Tatiannatomasina Sat 03-Aug-19 09:46:01

My dad was diagnosed pre d just after me with Hba1c of 6. I helped him go keto at the grand old age of 71 and he lost 30 pounds and dropped his hba1c to 5.5 within 12 weeks. If you search on facebook there are loads of groups who will help and support you, and on you tube, people like Dr Ken Berry who explain the benefits of very low carb eating. Good luck, if you really stick to it your numbers will reduce.

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