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What could be causing this bruising?

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HarryPotterFan436 Thu 25-Jul-19 16:07:54

I have always bruised easily but it seems at the moment I am getting lots of small bruises on my arms, legs and hips. I first noticed them in Feb. I had a blood test in the middle of last month and my results were ok. The doctor suggested I get some over the counter iron as my ferritin is 22. My tsh was 4 so I have asked him to up my thyroxine which he has done. But what else could be causing these bruises? I am getting very concerned by them.

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Montybojangles Thu 25-Jul-19 17:00:39

Did they check your B12? It could be you are low. I’m on replacement therapy and I notice I bruise more as I’m coming up to my injection being due.

HarryPotterFan436 Thu 25-Jul-19 17:05:07

No unfortunately not. I asked if they would check my b12 but apparently they no longer do that in this area.

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HarryPotterFan436 Thu 25-Jul-19 17:07:23

He said something about blood cells having to be the wrong shape or something in order for them to be allowed to test my B12

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Montybojangles Thu 25-Jul-19 18:04:49

That sounds a bit pants. Maybe check with the practice nurse, they can be a bit more amenable to sensible testing. Mine is low as I have crohns, so can’t absorb it well from my gut, nothing to do with my red blood cells. I also take lansoprazole which can interfere with B12 absorption, do you take anything like that? Hope you figure it out soon.

HarryPotterFan436 Thu 25-Jul-19 18:44:35

I occasionally take ranitidine but it really isn't very often so I wouldn't have thought that would be the issue. I did used to take a large dose daily but that was some years ago now. Hmmm maybe the practice nurse will be an option. I did consider going to our urgent care to see if I can see another GP or nurse. They wont allow us to book in for second opinions with another doctor here.

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