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Toe corn

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wouldntmindbeingmrsw Wed 24-Jul-19 11:37:44

Hi everyone,
I am asking for a bit of advice,if anyone has any please.

About 8 years ago I broke my toe without realising.i knew I'd hurt it but hadn't realised it was broken. Anyway it bent over and outwards, as time went on wearing shoes and boots 2 corns have appeared. The chiropodist came about 3 weeks ago to cut them out. I have done everything she advised. But my toe is extremely painful, I can't wear a shoe and even put the bed covers on it as it is so painful. I have phoned the chiropodist who was going to pop in Monday to sort it, didn't turn up. Then she was going to pop in Tues to sort it, didn't turn up.

I want to get this sorted out, as at some point I will need to wear a shoe.

Any advice for my sore toe please? It's even keeping me awake at night😔.

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Judystilldreamsofhorses Wed 24-Jul-19 21:57:25

Is it definitely a corn? Could there be some infection from where it was cut out previously? I get one on the outside of my little toe, which is bent at a funny angle, and rubs on the soles of my shoes (it’s been like that since birth). I periodically go to a podiatrist, but in between times I have a callus knife from Boots which I use to pare it down which keeps it at bay.

wouldntmindbeingmrsw Wed 24-Jul-19 22:25:52

Thank you @Judystilldreamsofhorses. I don't think it's infected, as it's not red or inflamed. Your callus knife sounds like a good idea. Going to pop to boots tomorrow and make a purchase 👍🏻

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Judystilldreamsofhorses Wed 24-Jul-19 23:31:44

Be careful with the knife at first, it is mega sharp! You can get fresh blades for it once the ones it comes with get blunt.

isabellerossignol Wed 24-Jul-19 23:38:43

You need this It works like magic. You can buy it in places like Savers.

violetbunny Wed 24-Jul-19 23:41:44

You can also get corn pads and corn plasters, which will help to cushion the corn when you wear shoes. Some corn plasters are medicated to slowly reduce the size of the corn. Have a look at Compeed or Scholl products.

isabellerossignol Thu 25-Jul-19 05:26:06

I have a recurring corn that is very painful and tried those medicated corn plasters. Absolute disaster. They burned off all the healthy skin around the corn and did nothing to help the corn itself. My toe was ten times more painful than before I started. I had to visit a podiatrist for treatment as it was such a mess and he did a lot of ranting about how podiatrists have been saying for years that they should be banned from sale but no one will listen. It was the foot equivalent of taking your car to the garage and the mechanic sucking in air and shaking his head and saying 'oh dear...' grin

wouldntmindbeingmrsw Fri 26-Jul-19 11:20:46

Thank you @isabellerossignol for that advice. Very useful.
@Judystilldreamsofhorses just been to boots and purchase the callus knife and replace blade.

Thank you everyone for your replies.

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