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TrinaJ Tue 31-Jul-07 11:27:47

Anyone know of any good home remedies for piles?

domesticgrumpess Tue 31-Jul-07 11:53:57

Message withdrawn

MrsBadger Tue 31-Jul-07 12:03:07

do not suffer!
do not bother with home remedies or over the counter stuff, esp if pregnant
go to doc (she prob won't want to see them)
get Proctosedyl or similar big gun approach

it works, I tell ya.

TrinaJ Tue 31-Jul-07 14:37:09

May have to see docs. - Starting to hurt now!
hoped they'd go just using some (proper) cream, and quick before baby comes!!

TrinaJ Tue 31-Jul-07 18:35:10

Will it be a problem if I have baby before they're cleared?

TrinaJ Tue 31-Jul-07 19:51:35


Louba Tue 31-Jul-07 19:59:30

Trina J - gosh I do sympathise with you! I 've had TERRIBLE problems with piles both before dS1 and after. I've actually had to have one lanced (TMI Sorry!)which although sounds ghastly was actually such a relief I could have hugged my GP! Post natal piles were terribly painful (mind you I was pushing for a long long time) and you are often fobbed off with anusol etc which never really worked for me. Best thing to do is get them sorted NOW. Insist that your GP offers you something very strong preferably with hydrocortisone anusol HC I've had which was quite good. Make sure you are properly examined too to check for thrombosing - embarrassing but definitely worth it. Long term though - water has been the key for me - 2 litres a day has really really helped.
Good luck!

TrinaJ Tue 31-Jul-07 20:05:32

- not constipation that's caused it!!
Quite the opposite!! (TMI) - going lots seems to have caused it - is that normal?!

whomovedmychocolate Tue 31-Jul-07 20:15:43

Umm actually you can't use proctosedyl or similar if you are pregnant and the GP will just tell you it's tough because it's the pressure of the baby. Mine stuck around post partum for quite a while but you can get prescription gubbins too numb and shrink them. You wait till after you've given birth

TrinaJ Tue 31-Jul-07 20:25:25

Why are they not safe for pregnancy? I've been using anusol - that's safe!

whomovedmychocolate Tue 31-Jul-07 20:39:56

The prescribed medications use hydrocortisone creams in about a 15% dilution. Which can pass through the placenta.

whomovedmychocolate Tue 31-Jul-07 20:40:26

Anusol is fine - it's pretty good at getting rid of eye bags once you have the baby too

TrinaJ Wed 01-Aug-07 09:16:15

My husband got xyloproct - I think?! - anyone know if this is safe?
I'm really worried about having baby before they're gone now - they might explode or something?!!!

MellowMa Wed 01-Aug-07 09:17:48

Message withdrawn

MellowMa Wed 01-Aug-07 09:20:46

Message withdrawn

TrinaJ Wed 01-Aug-07 09:30:13

Thanks that's great - I never thought of google-ing it!
Although it says to check with gp, it also says it's not unsafe to baby so think I'll call mw and give it ago.

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