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Advice please

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Seccles0690 Mon 22-Jul-19 21:45:08

My mom's mother is not well at all she is not eating not washing not drinking and not well she keeps forgetting things and keeps saying she is going to kill herself
Ambulance called she refused to go in and they said without her permission they won't take her
But she needs help and I'm not sure what to advise she needs to be put in a home but she is refusing everything
What are my options for her please

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DeadZed Mon 22-Jul-19 21:53:03

You need to contact her GP and ask them to assess her properly. How long has she been like this? Has she suddenly changed? Why do you think she needs to go into a home now? What is it you are worried about? How old is she?

Seccles0690 Mon 22-Jul-19 22:10:30

She is 81 she is saying she wants to kill herself she looks skinny and ill she's not washing cleaning or eating she has no interest in doing anything she stays in bed most the day she has been like it about 6 months but yes was a sudden change in her I'm worried she might hurt herself or be killing herself by not eating and drinking etc
I've just advised to contact gp hopefully will get somewhere there tomorrow but she won't last much longer like this

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DeadZed Tue 23-Jul-19 10:53:53

Thanks for answering the barrage of questions. Definitely talk to her GP and ask them to visit and assess her properly. You may have to be firm with them to get them to do a home visit but it does sound like she needs medical help.

LIZS Tue 23-Jul-19 10:57:03

Could she have an infection such as a uti?

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